Free Woodworking Tips

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Are you a woodworker like me? If so Here are a few free tips:

While routing a piece of board with a router, route the end grain first, then with the grain to remove tearout caused by the first pass for a perfect job.

To remove dents from softwood such as pine dab with a touch of water wait a while for the wood fibers to expand it's original condition and sand smooth.

While gluing end grain of wood coat the end with glue let dry a minute first to allow the end grain to absorb the glue. If you do not do this the grain will absorb the glue after clamping staving the joint form glue causing a weak joint. Reapply more glue and clamp.

It's best to apply a protective coating all areas of your woodworking projects, including areas not seen, to prevent warping caused by one area absorbing moisture more than another causing it to warp, cup or bow.

Always sand wood with the grain because if you sand across the grain the scratches will show. Sanding with the grain will allow the grain to hide the scratches.

Thanks for looking at these tips and I hope they are of great use to you !! Randy.

Source by Randy Wicks

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