Traditional Woodwork Projects

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Woodwork projects should not be taxing and boring, taking up most of your time only to be discarded after a short while. Even the traditional and common woodwork assignments can be transformed slightly to make them slightly more challenging, creative, usable and interesting. There are times that we consider projects which we begin but do not finish because the designs are either too complex to understand or too simple to be interesting. The challenge in picking a project based on woodwork is to keep it interesting while ensuring that it does not consume all your time, and can be easily used. Here are some few tips on how you can transform traditional projects to include your creativity and provide a challenge:

Tables: almost every person who has been in the workshop at one time has embarked on a project to design and build a table. Whereas, tables are easy to build often the projects are discarded because they are not only boring but also not very challenging. So the next time you want to build a table, design and purchase plans for a portable table. A portable table is easily foldable and can be used when you need to entertain outside or for storing items for a short period of time. A portable table saves on space since you can easily take it apart or fold it, if you need to move it to a new location or just store it. A portable table provides the challenge lacking in the normal table.

Chairs: this is another common woodwork project that provides less challenge and is often discarded in favor of much more challenging projects. Chairs are easy to make, but you can also incorporate a bit of creativity by making rocking chairs instead of study ones which are more common. The challenge in making rocking chairs comes when you need to bend the wood precisely. A rocking chair requires prerequisite jointing and measurements to ensure that the strength of the chair is not compromised in favor of the rocking ability.

DVD cases: instead of just producing a wooden piece of case, you can take the time to treat the wood, and carve designs into the edges. These ways the DVD case becomes more aesthetic and adds an ethnic touch to your room. To make the project more challenging you can also add a small lantern above the DVD case to light your DVD's and CD's in the dark. If this design proves complex for you, adding a carved door is enough to make this project slightly different and more fascinating.

To make a woodwork project interesting you do not have to go after complex designs allowing your creativity free flow in the projects makes the project interesting and challenging for you. It also ensures that you produce something you are proud to display and use around your home. Woodwork projects need not be complex and time-consuming in order to be interesting. Creating something you love and find useful is enough.

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