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The cost of woodworking power tools has declined considering in the last twenty years. Many power tools were once the preserve only of professional workshops but today they are affordable and there is also a huge range of tools with a wide array of features from which to choose from.

Band Saw

A band saw features a base onto which you place the piece of wood to be cut.

Although only a few inches of the blade are exposed, it is actually a continuous blade that rotates at high speed. The part of the blade that you can see cuts in a downward fashion (this keeps your work against the base) so quickly that it looks to be a blur.

Band saws have generally replaced the older jig saws which featured a single shooter blade that moved up and down quickly, albeit at a slower pace than a modern band saw. The blade would frequently get stuck in these older machines, something that is much less of a problem with the band saw.

Circular Saw

A band saw is useful for making curved cuts as well as straight cuts for reliably thin pieces of wood. If you need to make straight cuts of thicker pieces then a circular saw is a must. A circular saw is nothing more than a rotating disc that features cutting teeth on its circumference.

One of the most common types of circular saw is the mitre saw. It is one of the most portable and is frequently built to build sites for its versatility. Other types of circular saw include the table saw. This is nothing more than a machine with a flat base at roughly waist height. Sticking up through the base is the profile of the saw.

Using a guide edge, pieces of wood are pushed towards and through the cutting blade. It is worth mentioning that the circular saw is considered to be one of the, if not the most dangerous woodworking power tools and you should there take all the safety precautions advised when using one.


The standard hand-held electric drill has, for the most part, replaced the old hand drill. It can be equipped with a variety of bits so also doubles as a screwdriver and more. Thanks to advances in battery technology, most models these days are cordless.

If you do a lot of drilling work and have space in your workshop then it is well worth investing in a bench drill. These allow you to position your work and fix it in place and then to lower the spinning drill using a lever. This way, you can ensure that there is no "wobble" in your drilling and you can cut cleanly at a perpendicular angle.

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