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A woodworking rack project is a great one for woodworkers looking for their next activity, so why not? Have you ever wanted to build a rack for your bikes, surfboards or skateboards? For your guns? How about a spice rack, a shoe or tie rack? In preparation, you will want to follow these guidelines:

To begin, you will first need to make sure that you have all the necessary hand tools at your disposal. These would include a hammer, (one with a smooth head, without the crosshatches) a measuring tape, a chisel and a square.

You will probably need some power tools as well, to keep the quality of the woodworking up to par. They also save time and make things a whole lot easier. Among these you would want for a woodworking rack project such as this would include a skill saw and / or a chop saw. You may find a table saw and a jigsaw to come in handy as well. To put it all together, you will also need a screw gun or a nail gun. If you opt to use a nail gun, you will most likely need an air compressor and hose as well.

As far as materials, you will want to find the straightest, prettiest pieces of wood that you can find or afford. Starting out with quality pieces of wood makes the job easier and make the final product come out cleaner. You can usually find good wood at any hardware store. Do not forget to get some wood screws or nails that fit your nail gun too.

It can also come in quite handy to have a good set of woodworking plans that describe exactly how to build the rack that you want to build (this is actually great advice for anything woodworking project you may be about to embark on). There are some great plans available online.

Are you ready? Good! Now go out, get yourself some tools, materials and plans, and go build your own woodworking rack project!

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