Woodworking Lighthouse Plans

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Lighthouses are a very fun project, for most plans the dimensions are 18-1 / 2 "wide x 47" tall making it a perfect size to sit in the lawn for decoration, there are some larger ones but the plans for those can be a little more difficult to find.

A few years ago I wanted to build my first Lighthouse and I started shopping around for plans, after doing some looking, I noticed they were all going for between 10 and 20 dollars. Maybe it is just me, but I think that is a little expensive for a single set of plans.

After looking through a couple of websites I ran across one that had the plans I was looking for as well as 10,000 other plans for all types of different projects, I looked at a preview of the lighthouse plans and they looked very well made out and easy to follow. It cost about 50 dollars but it had a money back guarantee and I figured if all single set plans cost as much as the lighthouse plans, it would save a lot of money in the long run and I was not about to go back to using those free plans you can get off the internet, those are filled with so many errors you have to second guess every step and it still comes out wrong.

eBook and Website Plans

In the end the lighthouse plans were very easy to follow and my project came out exactly how I wanted it, I have done many projects since then using plans off of the eBook and I have been just as pleased with them as I was with the lighthouse . I can now even search through all the plans by category and difficulty level making it very easy to always find exactly what I need.

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