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Every home needs hand tools of some kind. You might need a hand tool to put a picture up on your wall, or tighten up a very loose faucet, or possibly put up a garden host hanger outside.

Home power tools: every household should have a basic power drill. You can make holes with the drill. You can screw in screws with the drill. You can remove rust with the drill. You can sand with the drill. You can shape with the drill.

These are handy because they save you time and the job will be better. I will talk about the most basic tools that everyone needs around the house.

Hammer: Everyone needs a hammer. Hammers come in all shapes and sizes and they are used for putting in nails and pulling them out is the most common use. But they also are used for nudging things that are jammed by putting a piece of wood on what you are trying to nudge and then tapping on that Wood with a hammer this will prevent the hammer from denting the actual piece you're trying to nudge. Also you can use a hammer to straighten out nails for reuse.

Screwdriver: screwdrivers common in three basic shapes, and the shapes are: flat, star shaped (this is called Phillips), square shaped (this is called Robertson) all of these shapes come in three basic sizes. When choosing a size make sure you are using the correct one and not one to small. If you're using a screwdriver with a head that is one size smaller it still might work but it will ruin the screw head and possibly the screwdriver. Over a period of time using the wrong size screwdriver and screwdriver will always not work because it can not grip the screw properly. So all is make sure that you're using the correct size screwdriver for your screw.

Pliers: this is also very handy hand tool to grab things with and hold them. You can start with a very basic pliers which has a slot at the pivot point of the two handles which is adjustable for smaller or larger objects which you want to grab. At a meeting to this area is a course Knurled roundish section to grab nuts with for a tighter grip such as a rusted nuts on a bolt. Further out on the pliers is the end use for holding objects such as nuts for tightening, pulling up nails and so forth.

Handsaw: there are many different types of hand saws. Your basic hand saw for general-purpose is used for cutting wood such as wood studs which are 2 x 4 wood, or cutting a piece of plywood, or cutting a broom handle shorter. Hand saws come in fine or course cutting actions going from a slow cut to a fast aggressive cut in this order. The fine cut gives you a better cut edge leaving it splinter free where the coarse cut rips through the wood quickly leaving a jagged edge around the cut. If you find a general-purpose handsaw it will give you the best of both worlds.

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