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Woodworkers are like musicians. Often they need to witness another great work to inspire or motivate them to complete theirs. How is your woodworking project coming along? Did you ever finish that shed or piece of furniture? Oh, I know you are going to get to it next month when things slow down at work. Sometimes you just need a little push and good woodworking magazine could be all you need to get back on track for your favorite hobby.

This woodworking magazine was established by The Taunton Press of Newtown, Conn in 1975 and now boasts a circulation of over 240,000. Fine Woodworking provides woodworkers with the motivation, inspiration and training needed to improve the woodworker's accuracy and efficiency. The magazine was evolved based on the frustrations of Paul Roman a woodworker that loved the craft but could not find many resources to help him with his favorite hobby. He took his expertise in publishing and created what he could not find elsewhere.

Fine Woodworking is not among the most reliable and trusted sources for enthusiastic woodworkers. The typical annual subscription is about $ 35 dollars, but cheaper subscription can be found on internet real estate such as Amazon. That subscription is for 7 issues and a special Tools and Shop issue is given annually.

The magazine allows for craftsmen and women to connect with fellow devotees. The magazine is an awesome tool because it helps the woodworker to become self reliant and not just follow the projects and plans of someone else. This woodworking magazine has an emphasis on developing skill sets and provides detailed expertise information.

Fine woodworking also has an online community. The website is filled with step by step instructions, articles, video tutorials, projects and plans, and workshops. The website is a dynamic resource for the enthusiast. One of the best things about the website is the online community. You will have instant access to real people that share the same interest and have the same struggles as you.

In conclusion, Fine Woodworking magazine is head and shoulder above the rest when it comes to quality content and skill building. The magazine is much more than a few plans and projects to follow. It is a community, it is inspiration, and it's motivation to finally finish that old shed in the back.

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