How Printers With Inkjet Cartridges Function

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We all have seen them and used them but it has never occurred to most of us as how our printers work! Printer is the most amazing invention of the last century which has made our daily office work very convenient. May it be a simple document printing or a complex image printing in multicolor; we no longer need to visit a professional press to get the job do not. All you need is to turn on your printer and give the command and you have your family photo ready to be framed! Most people prefer to use the economical inkjet cartridge printers at home. The reason is that they give great results and are less expensive to buy.

How an inkjet printer work

Usually such printers come with wet ink cartridges which can have a capacity of spraying through 300 nozzles. These nozzles spray tiny droplets of ink on to the paper. These droplets of ink are extremely small and can be compared with a dot that could have been made by a single hair. A combination of basic colors when sprayed on the paper gives us different colors.

There are basically two motors which move the carriage that holds the inkjet cartridges. These motors initially scan the print surface which is the paper and then moves the cartridges back and forth depending on the color required to be sprayed.

The print speed of an inkjet may be slower than a laser printer but if you use the right paper you will get better results which can be compared to professional printing in quality.

There is a dryer which heats and locks in the ink on the paper. This saves the print from getting smudged when the paper comes out. This gives an absolute clean look to the finished work.

Those who are new to printer use or are planning to buy a printer for their homes I can offer a bit of advice.

  • Inkjet printers are more economical in use as compared to laser jet or any other type.
  • These printers are more user friendly and easy to maintain and have very less stoppages.
  • But if speed matters more to you than quality you may think of other types.
  • Refilling the inkjet is much easier and gives you more color options at will than any other color printer.

It is very important to learn how your gadgets work. This can save you a lot of time and save you from unnecessary hassle at times. Your knowledge will never go waste!

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