HP Pavilion Elite HPE-175z Detail Review

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HP Pavilion Elite HPe-175z is a boon to the professionals who are working in the digital media world. This Elite Series PC is an absolute advanced machine that is designed with latest technologies. This cutting edge model elite series computer can be customized to your need and this system can also be expanded in the near future.

This upgradeable machine is designed with AMD Phenom (TM) IIx6 103T Six-Core Processor. This elite series machine is great in functionality including speed. This machine is mainly useful in digital world where you need to stream photos or create and edit pictures, movies, videos etc. HPE-175z is a power packed machine that is very useful to handle multitasking activities. The speed of the system is great even when you run complex software like JAVA, CAD etc.

Now let us discuss some of the features of this HP Pavilion Elite HPE-175z and its upgradeable features. This machine comes with 8GB RAM in basic model which can be upgraded to 16GB in future. The machine is supported by DDR3 RAM which helps the machine to operate without any interruption. DDR3 RAM supported machines always consume less power but gives good speed to your system. You will get the same speed even while you are browsing the net. The hard disc space for this machine with basic feature is 640 GB and if you want to get maximum space then you will get 1TB storage capacity. The machine comes with branded and popular SATA Drive.

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-175z system can also added with many optional tools if you are ready to spend few dollars more. Some of the useful optional tools are Blu-ray DVD Player/Writer, TV tuner to convert this PC into television, integrated 7.1 channel sound to get professional audio effect, multimedia keyboard, 15-in-one memory card reader etc. If you have wireless printers then get the USB wireless LAN Card which also comes as an optional tool.

Even though HPE-175z model is widely used by professionals in the film industry, it can also be used for your other business use and entertainment purpose. This machine is capable of making high def content, create stunning graphic images, create movies etc. Playing online games in this machine is really amazing as you will get excellent video and audio output. You can enjoy the casino online games and your kids can enjoy the offline games in this machine. So, HP Pavilion Elite HPE-175z is a perfect machine that can fit both your professional and casual needs.

Now, you are clear with the feature and advantages of this high end system. How much you need to spend out of your pocket to get this machine? This system with basic feature will cost around $1000 and if you want to upgrade the specifications, then the rate may cross $1200. But, this machine is worth to purchase as it offers many features which could not be discussed here. When you purchase this machine, do not fail to get the free Norton Internet Security Software offered in some sites. Also look for the HP discount coupons from the HP Company’s marketer’s sites and get this master system at reduced price.

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