Password Protection Using Motion Sensors

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This is a 8051 microcontroller based project. We have developed a development board of our own using a purchased PCB and then integrating it with the required

peripheral devices necessary for making this project. We make use of 6-d accelerometer for motion sensing and serial programmer for decoding the C program developed in Keil interface into the microcontroller. Just by the movement of our hand we can record the password for security purposes and then retrieve it whenever we require it. When we move our hands, a particular password is generated according to the position of the hand. Then this code is stored in the physical memory of the microcontroller. When the same user again enter the code, then it will be compared to the previously stored code and authenticate the respondent user. This project will be of great help in the field of security in today's world of hackers and thieves.

Features / components of this project

  • Clock is generated using a crystal oscillator of 11.0592 mhz.
  • Serial programmer using max-232 and rx-232 IC's.
  • 16 x 2 parallel alphanumeric LCD display is used to display the output.
  • 12 volt relay is used to display the interrupts developed in the program.
  • 100 k p potentiometer is used to increase or decrease the brightness of the small LCD used in the project.
  • LED's and switches are used to ensure correct working of the circuit.
  • 7805 and 7812 voltage regulators are also used to make the circuit voltage equal to 5 volt and 12 volts respectively.
  • 1.5 G / 2G / 4G / 6G 3 Axis Linear Accelerometer Module is used for motion sensing of the hand gestures.
  • Keil 3 and Proteus 7 softwares are used for code development.
  • The core of the project is the Philips 8051 microcontroller.
  • Voltage supply is given by a 12v adapter.
  • ADC0808 is used for 8 channel analog to digital conversion.
  • 2,3,4,8 pin connectors are used for completing the circuit

Working of the Project

The accelerometer is attached inside a glove which is worn by the user and act as the motion sensor. The feedback of the sensor is continuously fed to the microcontroller using the adc channel of the development board. The password is generated as a sequence of 6-9 numbers, each number generated from the motion sensor position and recorded at frequent intervals. All the possible state of the motion sensor and its equivalent number is initially stored in the memory. When the use makes his own air signature, then the numbers are fetched from the memory according to his hand gesture. These numbers makes up the personal password which is stored along with the time stamp and name of the user in the physical memory. By this process, a unique password is generated using the air signature concept for all the accessed users.


We have successfully implemented our project and satisfactorily generated a secure code using accelerometer and microcontroller along with other accessories. It recognizes ones action and then generate a unique code for a particular person which allows him / her to protect their confidential things from thieves and hackers. This project can be implemented on some open source hardware like Arduino and made available for the general public to be used in their day to day life.

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