The Woodworking Table Saw

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A table saw is one of the essential tools used in woodworking. It may be a simple woodworking equipment but can actually perform various tasks. It basically cuts wooden pieces into different sizes and shapes. Any woodworking shop would be incomplete without a table saw.

A table saw should be the first machine a woodworker should purchase as it is an importantly versatile device which will be used in virtually all woodworking steps. It is the centerpiece of any wood working shop. The woodworker will use the table saw to rip, miter, square, groove, sculpt and join wooden pieces together. The table saw has a smooth but heavy work surface. It has a handle to be used in lowering or raising the saw blade. Another handle is to be used in adjusting the blade angle as well as to fine tune the dust collection connections.

What makes a good table saw is a strong motor that can start efficiently without so much vibrations. A strong motor also has sufficient horsepower in order to cut deeper on harder woods.

The table saw also has a safety equipment, a blade guard, which serves as the protection of a woodworker against exposed saw blade. The table saw also has a big and easily reached power switch. There are table saws, especially the modern ones, are equipped with a large paddle which can be pulled to switch on the saw or pushed to switch the saw off. This is quite advantageous at times the woodworker’s hands are steadying the material to be cut so their knee can just conveniently press the switch.

When shopping for a table saw, the rip fence is one of the important things to check. The fence must be constantly parallel to the blade. The table saw must also be equipped with controls to fine tune the fence adjustments. Bigger table saws are built with Biesemeyer fence for sturdily yet smoothly ripping large wood pieces and it also allows a feather board or sacrificial strip to be secured onto the fence.

Another important component of a table saw is the miter gauge which is used in angled cross cuts. Good quality table saws are made with T-grooves to secure the miter gauge and keep it in place when being used. The miter gauge can be marked with the proper setting for the required cutting angle.

The table saw may also have additional components and tools like dado cutting sets, toning jigs, tapering jigs, panel cutting and sliding tables. All added tools to the table saw will make it more versatile inside the wood working shop.

When purchasing a table saw, you will need to first review the saw types available. The most expensive yet durable type is the cabinet table saw while an inexpensive model is the bench top table saw. Middle range table saw is the contractor table saw which is portable and average price.

In placing the table saw in the work shop, make sure that there is adequate space in the room for the tool. All of its top four sides should have uncluttered cutting space. So before purchasing a table saw, measure first the area where it will be placed and select a table saw that fits in the dimensions in your woodworking shop.

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