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Woodworking is processing wood to make desired products. Ancient human beings also used wooden materials in their daily life. The two civilizations in ancient time that did woodworking and used wood materials are Chinese and Egyptians. Furniture like tables, chests, chairs and beds of Egyptian times are kept in tombs after preservation. The coffins inside the tombs are also made in wood.

The wood working tools of ancient Egyptians are mostly made of copper. Some of the tools they used are adzes, pull saws, bow drills, axes, and chisels. It was only ancient Egyptians who found the practice of using varnishes for better look and also veneering practice. From the olden days, until now the thirst for wood materials has not decreased among people who love to have artistic materials.

There are a number of woodworking tools available. Table saw is significant among them. The size of this tool is very large. The blade used in this type of saw is circular in shape. To tell in detail, it is a circularly shaped metal disc or a blade and it has saw teeth its edge. It also consists of a machine that runs the blade or makes it to spin.

The characteristics of this circular blade are that it can cut by thin blade, it has a good surface finish, it can give out accurate and straight cuts, it usually gives out burrs, and for this type of blade saw setting must be made geometrically. This kind of circular blade is used in table saws. There are four main divisions of table saws. They are as follows.

Bench top table saws, hybrid table saws, cabinet table saws, contractor table saws. Among all the types of table saws, bench top table saws are the less expensive and less capable. In some cases they can give adequate capacity and good precision. The motor used by bench top is not very durable since they just use the universal type motors. However in the view of size and weight these motors are more advantageous.

About contractor table saws one can say that its size is bigger and the weight is heavier. The collection of dust is somewhat problematic in this type. However, people willing to use it in their homes, it suits them best. It uses the induction motor.

Cabinet saw has a cabinet with a motor enclosed in it. Trunnion is mounted on the cabinet. Three v-belts are used here in a parallel arrangement. It has several advantages. Although it is heavy it decrees the vibration and increases the durability. Dust collection is made easier with the help of the large cabinet it owns. Hybrid saws are very low in price compared to the traditional saws. It provides many advantages similar to cabinet saws.

They also have a special cabinet for effective dust collection. This is available in the tool sold these days. Some of the accessories of table saws are out feed or out feed tables, in feed, rip fence, feather board, hold down, sub fence miter gauge, crosscut sled, tenon jig, inserts, and stacked dado and splitter.

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