Woodworking Plans and Projects – Where Should You Look to Find Them?

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All woodworking plans and projects are not necessarily created equally and there are many, many options and thousands and thousands of plans to sift and sort through. So how do you find the woodworking plans and projects that are right for you.

What Are the First Things I Should Do

The first thing to do, of course, is to decide exactly what it is you are looking for. How much detail do you want or need. How many plan options do you want to have to deal with, what is the intended use of the finished product, how complicated is it likely to be to make, what specialist tools will I need to be able to construct it and so forth. If you have been able to answer most of the previous questions, you may have narrowed down your search to some degree. So where do you start to look for the plans and projects that will get you off to the right start, in the right direction?

Where Do I Begin My Search

The obvious starting points are woodworking publications in print found in your local bookstore. Your local woodworking supply shop may also have or recommend plans or publications showcasing various woodworking plans and projects that they may have some experience and advice in how to construct, what materials you will need and some advice in the realities of making such items. Then, of course there is the internet which is crammed full of both useful and useless information on all manner of subjects including woodworking. You will find many options available for woodworking plans and projects on offer and many of these are promoted as free. I would personally be a little wary of the free, attention grabbing promotions. Whilst we all love something for nothing, usually it comes by way of giving you some useless, out of date or completelyadequate plan for it's intended purpose.

What About All Those Woodworking Plans and Projects Being Offered

Usually, in order to get to the plan that you are seeking, many of the plans on offer are part of a very large package of many thousands of plans of many varying types and descriptions. Whilst this in itself is not a bad thing, it can lead to overwhelm, downloading and storage issues and an awful lot of potentially started and only half-finished projects. However, if you temper the shekel scale of what you receive for what you have to pay, you wonder how they can be a viable business model with up to 16,000 plans and projects on offer for as little as $ 37, which is, quite frankly, ridiculously cheap. So their loss is your gain, take full advantage.

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