Buying Garden Tools – Why Does Made in USA Matter?

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Why Buying Garden Tools Made in the USA Matters

Why does buying tools made in the USA matter? Few time in our history have demanded more loyalty to products "Made in the USA" than the present. Purchasing garden tools made in the USA is a way to support American labor and get high quality implemented at the same time. It also boosts the rest of our economy because the dollars spent on items made here tend to stay here.

In addition, when products made here are purchased, American jobs are created. With unemployment soaring, buying American products takes on huge significance. It may not sound important at first but if you consider the huge variety of tools required to maintain even a small yard or property, made in the USA means something. Now add in all the larger properties like parks, estates, municipal properties and the like. Just think about all the different types of tools, implements, apparel, and accessories that are needed, and the impact is pretty similar. I'm talking about things like simple garden spades, shovels, rakes, tillers, and on up to lawn tractors and tool sheds.

Buying Garden Tools Made by Your Friends and Neighbors Counts

There are many examples I could give, but I think you'll understand what I'm saying! Please take buy tools, implements and accessories stamped "made in the USA". Would you have ever thought that buying garden tools made here could make such a difference to our economy? Now that it's clear how significant buying implements stamped with "made in USA" is, let's consider how our local Home and Garden and Hardware stores can help.

Think about the tools stocked by most of our larger store chains. Have you checked the "made in" stamp? Let me challenge you to do so. I believe you'll be amazed at how little of their stock is made in the USA I certainly do not have a problem supporting any other country, region or economy. But it has to make sense for our economy. I encourage you to help make a difference. Let your local stores know you want them to sell our products. Let them know that you think stores who earn their profits by selling to Americans, bought to be selling garden tools and implements made by Americans.

Buying items made here is not the whole answer, but it's a place to start! Let your voice be heard on things that matter. This is one of the things that truly does matter right now. Our economy is in trouble, and jobs are being lost daily to overseas companies. Our labor force, and our economy are suffering. YOU can make a difference. Buy "made in USA" products!

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