Modular Home Construction Techniques

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The truth, is that while modular homes have become more popular and can be seen dotting the landscape with far more regularity, most people are completely unfamiliar with modular home construction techniques. How is it that a modular home can be constructed so quickly and still retain their structural integrity and high over all level of quality.

Modular Home Construction Factories

By and large, modular homes are constructed indoors in a warehouse setting. In some factories some work may be done outdoors and in others the work may be done in it's individual indoors on the factory floor.

An Assembly Line Process

They basically move down the assembly line in the same way that automobiles are built. Because modular homes are built on a steel frame and have their own wheels, they are simply rolled along to each work station by a forklift.

First Things First

It begins be constructing the steel undercarriage. This is then rolled onto the factory floor where the floor is next sheeted. After the floor is sheeted, measurements are taken and chalk lines are snapped to delineate where each wall will be placed.

The Walls are Stood in Place

In most modular home factories the walls are framed in a separate station and then brought to the modular home where they are standing and securely attached. After all the walls are attached, the plumbing, ductwork and electrical wires are all ran.

The Last Finishing Touches

Finally, the siding is applied, the finished flooring is laid down and all of the appliances and fixtures are installed. The very last thing that will be done on a modular home is a final exacting cleanup to remove any small spots and then it is given it's final inspection.

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