Where to Look For Wholesale Products to Sell

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Look through eBay or anyplace on the Internet and you will see many of the same electronics, hand bags and toy items being sold. It's know wonder some people get discouraged trying to figure out just what wholesale products to sell.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing? This can be a good place to start finding a niche. Maybe you love to do woodworking or collect shoes? You can bet you are not the only person with a hobby looking for related products.

The arts and crafts market is huge but before you go crazy and leap right in make sure you do your homework. Selling wholesale products on eBay is a numbers game. You will not sell anything if you do not have anyone looking for your product.

Be sure to test the market first. Maybe with some of your own products first. Talk to anyone that might be of help. Find out what they have been looking for?

I know of a person that overheard a conversation at a restaurant that they were having problems finding a unique handbag. The next day she did some research. Found out the handbag came from another country and where very hard to find. She was able to get a hold of the supplier and started a great business selling them online.

If someone you know is looking for a certain item most likely there are others looking for the same thing. Go to the store and pick up multiple magazines and newspapers. Look for trends or new styles they are a wealth of information. New ideas can pop up just from listening to the news or a talk shows. I carry a pen and paper were every I go. I hear something or pick up on the headline of a newspaper I write it down to research later.

You should wrap a list of maybe 10 to 20 possible wholesale products to sell. Look in eBay for the power sellers and see what they are selling and what is hot. Not necessarily to sell what they are selling but to get some ideas. Monthly in the Sellers Central area items are listed. Like I said this is a great place to do research but remember that everyone else is also looking in eBay.

Make sure you are diverse in your selling. Sell ​​products along your same line but find several that sell well. Some wholesale products are seasonal and some are just fads. They can change very quickly. Pet Rock, Snow Boards, Christmas ornaments, Children bathing suits. Just to name a few.

When you find a supplier make sure you keep in touch. Find out what new products are coming out and what other buyers are buying. As soon as you make your first sale check with the buyer and all future buyers to see what other items they may need or have purchase slowly.

It helps to keep in touch to know your target market and what other interest they have.

Finding your first wholesale product to sell may be difficult but once you find that first one the ideas will start rolling in.

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