Wood Storage Sheds – The Perfect Choice

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You are finally ready to take the step of adding a backyard shed. Now you have to decide which building material to use. After looking at your options, you have decided that a wood storage shed is the best fit. A very good choice. Wood storage sheds are ideally suited to meet all of your possible storage needs and look great while doing it.

First, wood offers superior durability and is suitable for all climates and weather. Wind, rain, snow, sun, heat, cold … wood handles all of these well. Simply paint or stain the wood and install roof shingles and your shed is ready. Metal sheds are susceptible to corrosion and they can be bent rather easily. Plastic / vinyl sheds fade over time due to sunlight exposure.

Second, plans for wood storage sheds are customizable. There are hundreds of standard shed designs and one of those may fit your needs perfectly. However, if your backyard shed needs to be different, you can modify the shed plans to meet what you need today and in the future.

A big advantage that wood storage sheds have over metal or plastic ones is that you can add on. Should you find that your storage needs have outgrown your existing wood shed, you can just add on to the original one to create the space needed. This will mean a second shed building project, but the result will be a larger shed that looks like it was always there. If you have a metal shed or a plastic shed and you need more space, you either tear down the existing shed and buy a larger one (if you can), or you receive a second shed. Which one of these options do you think will look better in your backyard?

Last, but not least, wood storage sheds can be built to look like your house. In the future, if you change the paint color and / or change the roof shingles, you can add a couple hours to that project and make your look look the same. Having a backyard shed that matches the design and look of the house creates a seamless designer look that can add value to your home. Plastic and metal sheds are extremely limited in their ability to do this.

The key to a successful shed building project is getting the right shed plans. There are many choices to be found, but they are not all equal. When picking out your plans, make sure you get thorough instructions, clear drawings and a complete materials list. If you have these three items, you have what you need to be successful completing your project.

Whatever your shed storage needs may be, you can not go wrong with using wood as your building material. The durability, customization and flexibility of wood storage sheds can not be beat by other types of sheds. With the number of shed blueprints available, you are certain to find the design that is perfect for your needs.

Source by Christopher W. Jones, Jr.

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