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There is always a new woodworking project to do around the house. It seems that a house is never finished as there is always something else to do. Once you get cooked up inside there is heaps to do outside and by the time you get done out there the inside is ready for a revamp again. It is easy to see why some are happy to rent. I suppose we change our car every so often so changing our furniture every now and then is normal. And at least you can structure your projects around the seasons doing inside stuff in the winter and outside stuff over the summer.

And what better project than an outdoor living and entertainment area. Summer fun is entertaining family and friends outside around the BBQ. If you have a pool so much the better. The kids can spend the whole day in the pool having a ball leaving you free to entertain in peace. If you have no pool then either you should think about adding one. If the conventional pool is going to be too expensive what about one of those free standing pools. They come in good large sizes now and are quite efficient. I know, they look a bit tacky and would only make your outdoor area look worse.

There is a solution especially if your lot slopes away a little from the house. We are talking about the rear of the house here where you have a large door facing out into the yard. From this door we are going to build a nice timber deck all the way down to the free standing pool. The deck is going to be level with the top of the pool so that the deck actually hangs over the pool by a couple of inches. This deck continues right around the pool but only needs to be a few feet wide at the rear. Can you picture this wide expanse of decking with the sparkling pool in the center and your BBQ at one end with room for tables and chairs and lots of entertaining space.

It has a pergola over the top with vines growing and lots of trendy potted plants scattered around. You can even include a statue or two to set the scene. Imagine that in your mind's eye and picture your lifestyle around this style of entertainment. It is fun for you and the family too just to spend some time together. They will love you if you can produce something like that.

It is not hard to build. Actually decks are quite simple and if you have a good guide with step by step instructions you will have it done in no time. Check some woodworking guides now and get started. Next summer good be your best one yet.

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