A Closer Look at Luxury Modular Homes

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Who does not dream of owning and living in a luxury home? A nice roomy castle with all of the custom features that make a luxury home just that, a luxury home. However; as anyone who has gone through the experience of actually having a luxury home built knows, it can be a very unpleasant experience.

The Home Building Experience

For one thing it can take up to a year to complete and one is completely at the mercy of the contractor who is doing the work. Each extra added on item that makes a home nicer, brings an extra charge to drive the overall price up.

It's Pick and Choose With Custom Options and Features

This is why more people today are choosing the much simpler and far more economic option of living in a luxury modular home. They simply choose what they want in their home just as a person would that is buying an automobile.

Deluxe Kitchens and Bathrooms

Custom fireplaces with any number of mantle styles. All manner of tile and hardwood floors and even vaulted and cathedral ceilings are all selected out as the buyer wishes. The same thing goes for kitchens and bathrooms that offer any number of choices in hardwood cabinets the latest in fixtures and polished stone counter tops.

A Three Dimensional Computer Home Tour

Of course choices in custom light fixtures and switches have to also be made as well as wall colors and paneling. Another new development in luxury modular homes is new three dimensional computer software that allows a person to actually tour the home they have designed and decorated prior to it being built.

Built to the Buyers Exact Specifications

This way they can be sure that all is just as they want and once this is done then the luxury modular home is built to their exact specifications. So it's easy to see why so many people are now choosing to have their custom home built this way.

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