Common Features of Today's Contemporary Modular Homes

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The modular home has been a fixture of the North American landscape for several decades now. What began as a somewhat simple design has expanded out to what it is today, and that is a modern lodging, complete with all of the standard amenities you would find in any other custom home.

Pick and Choose What You Want

Choices are one of the many benefits that a person procuring a modern contemporary modular home will reap. This is because they can literally pick and choose from a broad list of custom features that the builder can add on to their exacting specifications.

Polished Granite Counter Tops

So of course a huge selection of features like custom fireplaces and polished stone counter tops are the norm today as is anything and everything that a person can think of that goes into a modern custom bathroom including jacuzzi bathtubs.

Also So Much Larger

One big item that makes today's contemporary modular home so different from it's distant cousin of the past is size. In short, they are now available with far more square footage of living space then they have ever been before.

No Headaches or Delays

One other thing that is drawing today's buyer to a contemporary modular home is simplicity ands speed. As anyone who has gone through the home building process knows it can be a miserable experience.

An Alternative Route to a Custom Home

Delays, cost over runs and high rolling contractors boring them out have left many people who have already gone through the home building experience now taking the faster and more affordable contemporary modular home alternative.

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