Custom Manufactured Homes – A Guided Tour

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It seems that over the course of the past several of years the definition of term “custom home” has become somewhat blurred. It used to mean a home that was built to the owners exact specifications and thus the word “custom”. However; in recent years it has grown to mean simply a “nice” home.

Whats a Custom Home?

So what ever happened to the people who wished to have some input into the outfitting and design features of their home? Of course they still can but it has become almost prohibitively expensive. After all, once you sign a contract with general contractor to build a home, any deviations do come at a substantial cost.

Truly a Custom Home

So now manufactured home builders have stepped in to fill the void so it would seem. With a custom manufactured home, the buyer actually has complete say in how their finished home will look both inside and out.

Built to the Buyers Specifications

As part of the manufactured custom home buying process, the buyer is able to select out precisely what they want in their home and is encouraged to take an active part in the actual design and decorating process.

Ready to Move In

Also, with a manufactured custom home the home is outfitted completely, including such minor details as curtains and blinds and anything else that the customer wants installed. So it truly is a custom home in every sense of the word.

Take a Walk Thru

In fact, custom manufactured home builders now offer a three dimensional virtual tour as the design and decorating process is unfolding. It’s all thanks to new computerized imaging technology that allows a buyer to actually see their manufactured custom home from the inside, as if they were actually walking in it.

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