Prefabricated Modular Homes – Yesterday and Today

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It was following World War Two that the prefabricated modular home really started to grow in popularity. Soldiers had returned home, the country was expanding out into its hinterlands and families were springing up. The prefabricated modular home was a quick and inexpensive way to provide a convenient housing solution and it worked great.

The Early Years

However; in their early years prefabricated modular homes gained a well earned reputation for being rather spartan with regards to design features. Functionality took precedence over style and while the results where highly affordable they were rather drab to behold.

Some Left and Some Stayed

Over the years though, things began to change. While some people were anxious to move out of their prefabricated modular homes into larger conventional homes, others had grown to appreciate what they had to offer over standard homes.

Why Leave a Good Thing

Affordability, low maintenance, low energy costs and the vivarant social life that exist in manufactured home courts had many people looking for a larger and better prefabricated modular home with more custom features and conveniences.

Bigger Better and Loaded With Custom Features

The builders of prefabricated modular homes were quick to address the growing need and over the years a new style of prefabbed home was developed. It's larger, roomier and contains virtually all of the custom features that one would expect to see in a conventional home, including claimed and cathedral ceilings.

Take a 3D Walk Through

Also, just like a standard custom home today's prefabricated modular home can be easily built to a customers exacting design specifications. In fact, new three dimensional computer technology allows clients to actually tour the home during the design process prior to it even being built.

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