New Changes in Modular Home Communities

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With so many people now having second thoughts regarding home speculating, due to recent economic events and the resulting plunge in home prices, a peaceful and permanent residence in safe and secure surroundings is looking more enticing. Thus, the surging popularity in today's new modern modular home communities.

Today's Custom Manufactured Home

To start with, the manufactured homes that are being built today lack for nothing in terms of luxury. In fact, two story manufactured homes complete with claimed ceilings are now available. Decks, garages, jacuzzis, hardwood floors, polished granite counters are but smattering of what you can find in today's manufactured home.

Gated Communities

Modular home communities have also gone through a number of varied changes as well. They are now designed more in line with a classic "gated community", complete with private security and recreational amenities.

No Damn Kids

They also have the option of leasing or owning. Also, if you have done the "kid thing", put it behind you and are now looking for quite place to live away from them, finding a "kids free" modular home community is a cinch now.

Rock and Roll Will Never Die

Another thing that you wont have trouble finding, is a retirement modular home community designed and managed for active retirees who are not ready for the wheel chair yet. Today's retiring baby boomer tends to be more active then past retiring generations and modular home communities are now available to accommodate them.

For the Retiree On the Go

Tennis courts, a pool, weekend barbecues and organized outings to places of interest in the community are what these modular home communities have to offer for those who are interested in an active retirement.

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