A Router Table Top is a Prerequisite For a Woodworking Shop

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It's said, when you seat your work piece on the router table, it's a cut of wood, and when you remove it from there, it's furniture. A Bosch or Bench dog router table can be a pro's tool for any woodworker.

A router table can be a handy magic wand to yield top notch furniture or crafts with wood.

The services a router table renders are too many to be listed here. But some are worth mentioning:
– Offers alterable profiles for edges
– Can trace templates
– Groove and dado cutting
– Great for making precious joinery
– Doors making (raised panel)
– Wood rounding
– Comes in many different sizes like bench top.
– Different types of router bits are cheap
– Table for routers can be easily made, but table saws are hard to make.
– Many Attachments are on hand with routers to make countless projects easier.

Router bits can do magic. You do not need to own 50 different cutting or slotting gadgets in your shop. If you have a simple Bosch or a Bench Dog router, a router table and have bought 20 router bits, that's all you need to make many different types ofcuts by just changing the router bits. Routers can be used for many tasks like:

Biscuit joinery
Face framing bits
Box joints
Laminate trimming
Lock meters for strong joints
Round overs
Finger joints
Tongue and groove joints
Dovetail joinery
Biscuit joinery
and much, much more

Routering on a table is preferred for the convenience of use, and it helps you keep your shop or workplace neat and coordinated. When the workplace is neat and clean it will make your job a satisfying one and boost your performance as well.

How do router tables make things cleaner? Simply, by accepting dust collectors. I personally like to use portable dust collectors with my routing table. They are great for removing saw dust as the router cuts.

Talking about my personal router table and bits, I have everything I need, next to my hands with a cabinet under my router table that has many drawers. Other wise it would have been very hard to keep all those Allen wrenches, small knobs, Collet wrenches and speed controls in one places. You too, can have things grouped and ready for use, if you keep your tools stored using a under table cabinet.

Search the net will help you find out what's available for your router table needs. Do some study, learn about the products and pick the right one for your projects. To name a few, Bosch router tables and Bench Dog Router tables are among the best quality tables available in the market today.

You can find out more about router tables here .

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