Crib Woodworking Plans

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Those who are handy may be able to make a crib using crib woodworking plans. Custom built cribs are not only beautiful they are filled with
special meaning as well. There are many crib woodworking plans available to you. Here are some tips for choosing and using crib woodworking plans

Check woodworking sites. Some offer plans for free while others charge for them. Some offer plans immediately for download or you may choose
to have the plans sent to you through the mail. Typical baby crib plans for woodworkers sell for about $ 15 and up.

· When choosing a crib building plan think about its complexity and your woodworking skills. While you may be able to take on a challenge you
do not want to get stuck in the middle with an unfinished crib. Consider the skill level needed for the type of crib you want to build and pick a
crib in your skill level. If choosing a plan through a Web site look for comments from others who have already made the crib.

· Make sure that the baby crib woodworking plans meet all the federal safety guidelines. Check the most current standards before choosing a
plan. Remember that some plans may be older or out of date and some origin in another country where safety standards are not followed.

· When choosing a crib woodworking plan make sure that the plan contains detailed instructions and not just basic instructions. The more
detailed the plan the better the results will be, especially for those with less woodworking skills.

· Look for crib woodworking plans that include color photos which make the process easier to follow. Also, plans that have detailed drawings
and exploded views are the easiest to follow so review what is included in the plan before purchasing it.

· Allow plenty of time to build the baby crib . Most people who take this project on are not professional woodworkers and are building the crib in their spare time.

Unlike other projects that do not have a due date, the crib does need to be used by a specific date. Do not cut it too close or you'll be

stressed at the end and may produce a less than excellent result. A rule of thumb is to try to have the crib fully completed one month before

it is needed.

· Seek help if and when you need it. There are many ways to get some assistance on your crib project. Do not be afraid to use any resources
that are available to you. Many woodworking web sites have forums where you can ask others questions. This is an excellent way to get support.
You may also be able to get support from the maker of the crib plans. Some offer a phone number or web site specifically to help those with
questions along the way.

· Always test the finished product before starting to use it with the baby. Make sure that the rails work smoothly. Ensure that there are no
sharp or rough edges and that all the hardware is properly attached. If staining or painting the crib allow adequate time for the piece to dry
and air out properly.

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