Storage Shed Ramps? Here is an Easy One

By December 17, 2017Uncategorized

Building a storage shed can be fun and exciting specially if you have woodworking plans to follow. However, not all plans tell you how to build a ramp to get into your shed. There is a simple way to build a ramp and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

I built a shed a number of years ago and had the same problem some of you have. I wondered, how do I get into the shed with my lawn tractor. I need a ramp that will not break down when I drive on it. It has to be strong and cheap, after all it is just a ramp. I tried making a ramp out of a plank and plywood but I had to move it every time the grass needed mowing. Then I remembered, some old barns had earthen ramps built up to them. Would that work for me?

So that is what I did. My storage shed was elevated on sandstone blocks and treated 4×4 lumber. There was a twelve inch rise I had to fill in. Starting three feet in front of the shed door I filled in with dirt up to the door. The ramp was wider than the door and graded on both sides to allow for mowing over the ramp. If you live in a freezing climate make sure to drop your ramp 2 inches below the door entry. The earth swells up when frozen and you wont get your doors open in the spring. I planted grass on the ramp and was able to mow over it along with the rest of the lawn.

The cost was my labor and a little grass seed and the ramp held up many years of use. So, give this a try and save yourself some money which is never a bad idea.

Source by Marvin Gnagy

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