Making Money With Free Wood Patterns

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These days it seems that more and more woodworking enthusiasts are turning to their woodworking hobby as a means of supplementing their normal incomes. Making money with free wood patterns is a great way to get the ball rolling. Everyone seems to love the cute little wooden objects that woodworkers dream up. Sometimes they’re useful items with a purpose and sometimes you just hang them on the wall and look at them.

Either way, someone made it and someone bought it. You, of course, want to be the dreamy woodworker that made it! Where to get ideas and what to look for. Go where the cute little wood items hang out! There are ideal wood patterns on dozens of woodworking websites. Craft shows, flea markets, the internet, and gift shops are all places to find new ideas. Pay attention to what people are buying. Also watch the items that aren’t selling.

Is it over priced? Can you make it cheaper and still make a profit? You could probably sell a bunch of just about anything if you charge less than it costs to make. A lot of people do just that without realizing it. Keep your costs down. I’ve pointed this article toward small woodworking items using free patterns on purpose. It’s the best way to start making money. These smaller items are easier to sell at craft shows, to neighbors, and dozens of other places. Trying to sell larger items without a lot of expense is a very hard way to get started. Besides, after people see your smaller items and your woodworking skills, those larger items will come to you.

You also have to be selective with the smaller items. Are you trying to duplicate the same imported item you saw in a store? Sorry, no market there. Maybe you can improve it and be able to sell it for a profit. Always keep an eye out for new items, something your potential customers have never seen before. Look for easy to make projects that costs very little to make. A project that requires a lot of expensive hardware or a half dozen colors of expensive paint will probably not be very profitable.

You should pick items that you can make easily with the tools and machines that you already have. Also, projects that require a lot of time consuming machine set-ups could be a profit killer. Give your customer the best you have.

Remember, this same customer is the future customer that remembers you by how she was treated, your professional image, and the quality of the item she bought. You’ll also be the one she remembers when she’s ready for those larger items.

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