Outdoor Wood Furniture Plans – Pick the Suitable Wood for Your Project

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Finding the best choice of wood for your own project is really a significant part for achieving success in woodworking.

So now that you've already found some wonderful woodworking plans, you're all set to carry on that next great homemade project.

In here, one problem may arise. What kind of wood are you going to use? While you are still searching for the answer, here are some advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of wood, for it will definitely help you on deciding in terms of wood variety. This will also assist you on getting started accurately.

Wood for wood processing is generally categorized into two: Softwood and Hardwood


Softwoods are often cheaper and light, and are generally often grown in sustainably managed forests, a fact that they are protected from extinction. This guarantees that you're not simply protecting our planet, but you're rest assured you'll have lumber intended for your outstanding woodworking project.

Here are the three types of conifers you can make use of.

• Cedar – Western Red Cedar, the most typical type and usually has a reddish tint.
Cedar produces long lengths of timber with true, straight grain; However the best reason why you have to use it on your next woodworking project is its high resistance to deterioration. So if you're building something for an outdoor garden, Cedar is the perfect choice.

• Pine – Pine is the second popular and is also available in various wood types (ponderosa, sugar, yellow and white). It is a great wood for furniture plans because of the natural wood grain and beautiful knots it exemplifies. Pine is fairly good and pine scrub is ideal for the complicated details that basically should be carved out from the woods.

• Redwood – Redwood is like cedar, highly resistant to deterioration and moisture.
Available at reasonable prices in furniture shops. It is easy to work with and possesses a straight grain. It also features a red tint.

The kind of wood you have to use is hanging upon the needs of your woodwork plans . There are some kinds of lumber available within each category.

Hardwoods are usually more expensive, and some are really hard to find.
Listed here are three popular hardwoods utilized in woodworking.

• Ash – Ash is generally a light brown wood, it can be color brown or white with a straight grain.
It's fairly easy to use than any other hardwoods, but it can really be very hard to find.

• Oak – One of the most well-known and finest kinds of woods used in furniture, it is extremely sturdy and heavy wood which you usually find in most home improvement shops.
Oak comes in white and red, it's all up to you what color you should choose, whether it's in the plan or it's your personal choice. (White oak is moisture resistant, so it is your best option for your outdoor fixtures).

• Mahogany – Another popular wood used in making furniture is mahogany.
It can be reddish (sometimes dark) wood with straight grain. It's not as durable as oak; neverheless it is simple to work with and takes stain and oil perfectly. Unfortunately, mahogany can not keep on existing on our wild forest, meaning to say, it is actually getting extinct. This just not only affects our environment, but surely, it can also bring a huge effect on your pocket.

Mentioned above are the different characteristics of wood which somehow help you to make the most out of your beginner woodworking ideas and arriving with a successful woodwork project.

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