Plans To Build Bunk Beds

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If you are looking for plans to build bunk beds, then you may want to consider a few options first. In the past I have rushed into a few projects without taking into consideration a few options, only for the whole project to fail. Let's look at a few of the things to consider when building your own bunk beds.

Anyone who has ever built simple furniture such as bunk beds in the past, will tell you the most important first step is to have the right set of build plans. I do not know how many times I have seen people rush into projects without simply setting out on the right path. You do not have to have a mass of experience in woodworking to follow a simple set of plans, and if you also had videos to help you through, you could easily build a set of bunk beds over a weekend.

Lets look at a few things you should consider when building a set of bunk beds.

When you are downloading bunk bed plans, I urge you to consider purchasing a set quality plans. In the past I have seen many people fail including myself, simply because we have used a set of low quality build plans. The simple truth is, you do not get anything for free, and when it comes to building beds for children, it's not a good idea to try to cut corners, simply to save a little bit of money.

There are a few build options you should look at, such as a single bed up top and one single below. You can also have a single bed above and room for a desk or other furniture below. In one of the build plans I have, you can also add a ladder and a slide, but to be honest, you do need a large room for this project. Choose your style to fit the size of your room, I know it sounds obvious, but many people do not always consider this.

A simple but also overlooked option is the age of your child or children. Having the two single bed option may work at present, but in a few years if they are going to having homework, the build plan which includes a desk underneath may a better option. It's always better to look a little into the future.

We have looked at a couple of things you should consider when building a children's bed, and also what to look for when getting hold of plans to build bunk beds.

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