Woodcraft, Is it an Art?

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Woodworking has been around for centuries. There have been many wooden carvings and furniture discovered in ancient tombs all over the world. From the Egyptian tombs to Roman ruins and even Native Indian tribes, woodcraft has been a way of life.

On the frontier of the old west and in Europe woodcraft has been passed down through time. From simple whittling of a stick to constructing furniture, wood workers have given modern civilization beautiful objects of art. Modern crafters in this profession have plenty of designs to choose from or they create their own.

Choosing woodworking as a profession or hobby gives the individual a sense of pride. Joining the masters of wood carving of ancient and modern times evokes memories of watching grandpa lovingly creating a new wooden toy or chair for his family.

When first starting out in woodcraft, it is recommended that a novice wood worker choose a pre-made template and follow instructions given with it. This will help the beginner get the feel of the wood and keep them from getting frustrated and quitting altogether.

Choosing which kind of wood to use is important to the woodworking project. If it is a simple cupboard that will be painted then pine, which is a soft wood is usually a good choice. For a creation that stain would be used on to bring out the wood grain, a hard wood like maple is preferred.

Deciding which tools to use will depend on the woodcraft design. For the beginner the basic tools of table saw, screw gun, and sander will get them started. Along with these tools, there is wood glue, rags for cleaning and sand paper sheets with different grits will help put the finishing touches on the project. Purchasing a chop saw will help with short cuts and mitering, but may be out of a beginners price range.

Once the fledgling wood crafter decides that woodworking is something they want to continue with, there are wood working classes that they can seek out. As they progress in knowledge and experience there are many more tools that create intricate designs that may be used.

Woodcraft is an art, and like any art form, brings the creator a lot of pleasure. Having others compliment a design instills a satisfaction for a job well done. For the beginner knowing that they created the piece with their own hands is a feeling beyond belief.

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