Woodworking Projects – From Furniture Repair to Garden Sheds

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My woodworking memories go way back to my grade school days, where I was fortunate to be able to hang out in my parents furniture repair shop, it was a great after school job and at 50 cents an hour, I could earn some extra pocket money.

It wasn’t until I finished high school that I began to realize the abilities and skills I had picked up from my Dad in the “shop”. We had most of the basic stationary tools like a table saw, radial arm saw, wood lathe, and also had various kinds of hand and power tools that I was able to use and learn on. If we needed to fix something, we could do it there.

As for the business, customers brought in anything and everything made of wood that needed repair, such as chairs, tables, desks, and with most of these pieces we did a whole re-finish job, starting with the stripping tank to remove the finish, then repair and re-glue, which many times involved making duplicate parts if some could not be re-used or were missing. After a piece was rebuilt, we picked a stain color and sprayed them with the appropriate finish. Polyurethane finish was not around much then, so clear lacquer was the finish of choice. The only part we did not do was upholstery, another business did that for us.

Where ever I was in my adult life, if I could have access to a wood shop, I would make many of the things I needed or wanted such as shelves, ball & bat racks for the kids, bird feeders, or even Christmas gifts. Many of you have done the same thing so what I have done here is nothing particularly unique.

These are the things that interest me and I am fortunate to have been exposed to it as it prepared me for a natural progression into home repair and construction which has been my life profession. My Dad is still with me and I still look to him for his knowledge and input, as he has always specialized in fixing some very “UN-fixable” things over the years. The education for all of us never stops if we are willing to learn or try something new.

The information online these days is truly amazing, so someone without extensive or much experience on any given subject can benefit from the experience and education of others.

As with a lot of “hands on” type of skills, most of us just need to be shown the basics of a procedure or task, with some clear direction and with a little time and practice, can get good at it, and if you have your own project idea in your head about what you want to do, the help is out there.

So the idea about a bird house, a doll house, or an all out garden type multipurpose storage shed, or even a remodel, the directions and instructions are available from those that have already done it.

There is a wealth of ready made plans for the aspiring small project woodworker and week-end carpenter, and if you take that big step to build your own tool shed, garden shed, kids play house, or any type of multifunctional shed, it will become a source of pride and a valuable asset to your yard and family for years to come.

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