Workbenches For Woodworking

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A strong, durable workbench is essential for every woodworking workshop. Stability is the key feature for any workbench as it will directly contribute to your ability to cut wood fairly and thus affect the entire project. You should always have your workbench adjusted to the right height so as to avoid constantly bending over as this will lead to backache.

Workbenches can either be purchased or made. The different types of workbenches are listed below:

Freestanding bench

Woodworkers can chose to purchase a commercially manufactured freestanding workbench, however, they do tend to be expensive. Due to the large amount of manufacturers making these workbenches you can find a good variety of models and features. It is important to note that if you do decided to buy a freestanding workbench you should investigate and determine which one is best for you. When selecting a workbench it is also essential that it comes with a strong vice (or vices). Freestanding workbenches can be restrictive if you have a limited working area because they can be bulky so it is important to take this into account when deciding if a freestanding bench is for you.

Fixed bench

Fixed benches are your best option if you have a restricted area to work in. Fixed benches are made to measure and therefore can not be commercially bought so you will either have to make it yourself or hire someone to make it. Light is an important fixture when making your own bench and it is critical that you ensure there is ample light above the bench. Many woodworkers prefer to make their own bench as it allows them to build a bench to suit their needs and as a result allows them greater freedom when woodworking. When making your own bench it is important to make sure that both the bench and support beams are made of solid wood that can withstand the constant punishment of woodwork. As with the freestanding bench it is important that you also have a sturdy vice.

Collapsible benches

Collapsible benches are made commercially and made in a variety of sizes and shapes. Due to the benches being collapsible this gives them the advantage of being both portable and easy to store as they take up little space when collapsed. The benches are ideal for use in spaces that are dual use, such as garages. The benches do not have a standard vice attached, however, the whole bench acts as a vice. The collapsible workbench is limited in its application as it has a small surface area and is low, meaning that it can be difficult to work with.

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