Top 10 Woodworking Tools

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It can be difficult to determine which tools to purchase when starting out in woodworking. Most woodworking projects can be built by using only a key set of woodworking tools. Below is a list of the essential tools that any woodworking kit should have (in no particular order):

• Tenon Saw: The tenon saw is a general purpose saw that gives you great control which allows you to not only undertake general cuts but also finer cuts.

• Firmer Chisel Set: Firmer chisels are the most common chisel and have a basic design and are known for their strength, as such a set should be bought.

• Files: Used to finish off work, files are easy to use and come in a range of blades from very coarse to very fine.

• Steel Rule: The steel rule is not easily damaged and therefore allows the woodworker to mark precisely every time.

• Combination Square: The combination square features a 45 degree angle, 90 degree angle, spirit level and metal ruler, making it the ideal purchase when starting out.

• Smoothing Plane: There are a number of planes that can be purchased, however, if only one can be bought then I recommend the smoothing plane as it has a blade that can be adjusted for finer work.

• Power Drill: Power drills come in a range of shapes, sizes and features, but a basic model is all that is required.

• G-clamp: The G-clamp has a very basic design with a casting that has a screw at one end that applies pressure and is available in a variety of sizes.

• Claw Hammer: This is the most popular hammer and most people should already have one in their home, and is used for both hammering nails and removing nails.

• Beech Mallet: If you are using chisels then a beech mallet is essential, it can also be used to tap together pieces of wood.

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