What It Takes to Start a Woodworking Business

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Is woodworking a hobby of yours?

If so, great! Maybe you can take it up a notch and turn it into a full-blown business. If not, you could still turn it into a nice financial supplement even if it will not be your main thing. In any case, I've got some great news. Hand crafted wooden items are quite appreciated worldwide and that means they also sell at higher prices. The woodworking market is definitely an opportunity for many.

Out of ideas what to make?

No worries. If you're new, start slowly, but most importantly, take it easy on yourself and do not attempt to create stuff that's obviously too difficult for you. I'd focus on getting some experience first. Alright, let's get this thing rolling.

What does one need to start a woodworking business?

First of all, sort out the legal stuff in your home country. Every state has some local requirements, so be sure to check up on that. Then, when you've got that settled, you need to get an idea what exactly you will be making. Tables, toys, furniture? It all requires experience. But maybe even more so, the appropriate set of tools! It's advised to join a trade organization if your local area has one. That way you can advertise your business better and get some important contacts.

Do not forget that you can not make stuff out of thin air. Put in other words: you will need some wood, and different types of it. Do not give into temptation and buy cheap wood … it's important that your items last long, or you're going to be losing customers quickly.

Will I need to devise a marketing plan to sell my merchandise?

Absolutely yes. Definitely think about setting up a website, this is becoming increasingly more important nowdays. Think of it as a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work. Your clients can also refer their friends to your website if they are happy with their purchase.

When your website is up and running, try to attend some trade shows and flea markets or anything like that. You will get some experience and meet people who might turn into your future customers. You can also try advertising your business via local bulletin boards and magazines. Be creative.

Does woodworking have any artistic hits!

Yes, if you want it to. You can become a sculptor, for example. Or make wooden frames for photographs and paintings. Maybe make small wooden figurines and toys. It's up to you.

Woodworking is a lucrative and creative business, so make sure to always seek out people to learn from and take advantage of your business opportunities.

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