Circular Saw Vs Table Saw – Pros and Cons

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Each type of saw has its pros and cons. The decision to go with either of the two should be arrived at after a comprehensive review of them for so much will depend on how one will use the tool. So when comparing a circular saw vs a table saw, there is not really a right or wrong, it comes down to convenience, speed, power and budget as to which is chosen.

The circular saw which from here on out will be referred to as “Skil-saw”, is a power saw that uses a toothed blade or abrasive disc to cut different materials. In the woodworking world, Skil-saw is used to refer to a hand-held electric circular saw designed for cutting wood but with a change in blade, it can be used for cutting other materials. The key advantage of the Skil-saw is its much lighter weight and portability. Some have a built in laser guide to help you make precision cuts. They also come cordless with a lithium-ion battery which makes them even more portable. The major set back for cordless is that it may take hours to get a full charge before using it.

The table saw consist of a circular saw blade mounted to an arbor and driven by an electric motor. The blade protrudes through the surface of a table which provides the needed support for the material being cut. They are normally found in any woodworking shop because usually nothing happens without them. Modern designs are now lightweight and can be place on a table or any other supporting surface. Due to its light weight, it can be lifted and carried to different job locations without too much difficulty.The biggest advantage of the table saw is its ability to cut multiple square pieces and angle cuts to the same exact length and angle with precision each time by simply adjusting the miter fence. I am not saying it can’t be done with a Skil-saw but it is much more difficult and requires experience.

So the decision to use one saw or the other comes down to which one a person is more comfortable with. That doesn’t make them wrong. As was mentioned earlier there is not a right or wrong one to use. The case could be stated that one is

better to use in certain circumstances but that depends on the person using the saw. What the best saw for me to use may not work for you in a given circumstance. Before you start a project, review what has to be done and choose the saw that

best suits you for the cuts you have to make in terms of speed, accuracy, safety and convenience.

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