DIY Woodworking Plans – Why Waste Money On Furniture You Can Easily Make Yourself

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You do not need to be a master carpenter to build furniture and other wood projects, which you need are quality DIY woodworking plans. Seriously, with the right plans and maybe a little bit of video instruction, if you have basic woodworking skills you can build just about anything.

Have you been to the furniture store laTely. Even the cheap stuff costs a lot of money.

Case in point; we needed a new bed and wanted a Captains Bed. You know the kind with the storage underneath. We shopped around one Saturday and went to 5 different stores. The least expensive Captains Bed we could find was seventeen hundred dollars! And it was not even very nice.

It was mostly particle board and the only hardwood was on the trim on the drawer fronts and some on the head board and foot board.

We did see one bed we really loved but it was four thousand dollars! Sure we could have bought it, on credit and paid for it for three years or whatever – but we did not want to do that.

Instead I took a picture with my phone and my thinking was that as long as I had a picture I could build it. Well that is not entirely accurate.

It did not take long for me to figure out that I was not going to figure this out with out help. I complained one of my friends who is a professional carpenter and he was very quick to tell me that what I needed was a plan.

What I needed was some DIY woodworking plans, but where to get them? I went to the hardware store and there were some books but they were hard to understand.

I was ready to give up when some guy I did not even know started talking to me at the book store (where I was looking for woodworking plans), and told me to try searching online.

Sure enough I found a whole bunch of them. This brought up another problem, which ones were any good, which ones do I buy?

So what I did was my home work. I started reading all reviews and going to forums and checking each product for what I wanted. What I wanted was easy to use and read DIY woodworking plans. Plans that were down-loadable but from an actual company that I could call to get customer service if I needed it, oh and some video instruction of some sort would be nice to.

The good news is that they are out there. There is definitely a couple of very good companies offering these types of products.

Long story short, I bought some plans and built a bed. It was easier than I thought and took less time, and are you ready for this, only cost me $ 450.00!

The woodworking world is your oyster. Now we all have have whatever furniture we want.

Source by Gary K Thomas Jr

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