Samsung 3D TV LED Leads the 3D TV Revolution

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If you're eager to get the 3D experience in your own living room, what items will you need in order to be ready for 3D TV? First of all, you'll need a TV that is specifically designed for 3D, and the great news is that there are currently some excellent offers available. One example of these exceptional deals is the Mitsubishi WD-60638 60 inch 3D-ready DLP HDTV that is available online for, if you can believe it, less than $ 1000.

This is an awesome TV at a ridiculously low price but you may chose instead the Samsung 3D LED TV UN40C7000, which has a manufacturers retail price of $ 1,999, but you can find it for less with some great discounts. Another Samsung best seller on 3D TV's is the UN46C7000 which is currently available with a savings of over $ 500. One of the great benefits of buying online is that there are some websites that offer free shipping on these TVs, which means no washing it from the store yourself, if you even have the truck it takes to fit it into.

You will most likely need a 3D starter kit to go along with most of the 3D TVs you might buy. Usually you'll be required to purchase a starter kit that is the same brand as the TV although it looks like the Samsung kit will also work with some of the Mitsubishi TVs. You should make sure before you purchase either the TV or the starter kit. Manufacturers have hinted that the technology will most likely advance to the point where you will not have to wear 3D eyeglasses. But if and when this might happen is anyone's guess and how long do you want to wait for eyeglass-free viewing? Beside, the price for the new technology will unduly be much higher than the price of the current 3D televisions.

So what exactly do you get in a 3D starter kit? There's no set definition of what comes in one, so it'll depend on which manufacturer you choose. If you decide on a C7000, C8000 or C9000 series Samsung TV, you'll want to pick up the 3D starter kit from Samsung. Their package includes 2 pairs of adult 3D active glasses which are battery-operated, in addition to a specially-released 3D Blu-ray movie named Monster & Aliens. The retail price on the eyeglasses is about $ 150 a pair, so make sure you really need them before you buy any additional ones. If you're going to be inviting members of your family or friends over a lot to watch 3D movies, a pair of glasses might make a good Christmas gift for them.

You might think you're good to go at this point, but you actually need one more component to get the 3D experience. You also need a piece of equipment that will play the 3D movies. Examples of this equipment are a 3D Blu-ray player, a cable box (make sure you have a subscription that gives you access to the right channels), or a PlayStation 3 box, as long as you've updated it with the absolute latest 3D capability.

Different from the 3D starter kit, there's more choices available to you if you decide on a Blu-ray player since you do not have to buy the same brand of player as what the TV is. The LGBD570 model Network Blu-ray Disc player continues to be a best seller and has earned a lot ratings that are four and five stars. Part of the reason for its high ratings is its excellent video and audio clarity. Another benefit of this particular player is that it is wireless, allowing you to connect to your wireless broadband router and access all kinds of multimedia like HD movies from Netflix (assuming you have a Netflix subscription).

One final component you may need to put the finishing touches on your 3D TV setup is an HDMI cable. This cable is used to connect your television set and your disc player and may not come with either one of these pieces of equipment. Be sure to find one that maintains high quality transmission even at high speeds. Luckily, if it does turn out that you need to purchase this cable, they are reliably inexpensive especially when you compare them to all the rest of the components you'll need to put together to be ready for 3DTV.

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