Easy Woodworking Projects That You Can Promote and Sell Online

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Products that do well online are those that can be sold from an image. The more details of your woodworking projects that can be seen from the images you show online, the more likely it is that people will buy. When it comes to selling online, finding a specialty or "niche" works well.

Specialization in your work is always a good idea, because it will to improve your speed when completing your woodworking projects while maintaining a high level of quality. It is important that you do not sacrifice quality for the sake of speed or volume.

You need to remember that your referrals will come from satisfied customers who are happy with the quality that they received with their product, not by how many items you had on the shelf. Try to keep each woodworking project something unique. This is a good way to challenge yourself and keep your customers interested in what you have to offer.

Knowing which woodworking projects that you can complete and manufacture and also sell quickly is a good place to start. The following list shows some of the more popular and easy to sell products, especially online.

Unique Cutting Boards

These are great items to offer on a woodworking projects website of handmade crafts. The growing popularity and fascination with cooking TV shows and food in general is an indication that this is a growing market. This is also a good product to experiment with more exotic woods and unique designs. Simple design changes will make each one unique and referrals are high for this type product.


There is an interesting reality about people and birds. Those who keep birds will often keep many. It is quite common to receive orders for more than one bird house from the same customer. Birdhouses are great woodworking projects to sell online. They display well on a webpage, are reliably easy to put together and are easy to ship.

Walking Staffs and Canes

The largest buying segment of the population is still the "Baby Boomers" and they are getting older. Walking staffs and canes are pretty easy to make, and like cutting boards over the opportunity to implement the use of some exotic woods. A good feature of canes and walking staffs is the fact that you are offering a product that will improve that customer's life. Walking sticks can fetch some pretty high prices, and you can expect many referrals if yours are well made.

Jewelry and Wooden Boxes

Small handmade wooden boxes and jewelry boxes are very popular and sell quite well online. Women really seem to find the quality of a handmade jewelry box appealing. This is also another product like cutting boards and canes where the use of exotic woods will make your product more enticing and unique.

Outdoor Banches and Chairs

We all need someplace to sit and outdoor furniture is always popular. Two great options in this category are the simple garden bench and the always popular Adirondack chair. A garden bench or Adirondack chair is easy to build, which means a quick completion time and a better profit than some of the smaller items. People who have nice gardens not only love those gardens, they are also willing to pay generously for well crafted garden furniture. These types of woodworking projects when done properly can really boost your business.

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