Using Shed Plan Kits Vs Building From Scratch

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While the idea of building an outdoor shed entirely from scratch might appeal to the hardcore woodworking enthusiast on the basis of adding that “personal touch” to your creation, building from pre-made shed plans shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand as the recourse of the novice builder for a number of reasons. For one, the idea that one cannot make a design taken from a purchased plan unique is a whole bunch of hooey. There are ample ways in which a prefab design can be personalized without overly much difficulty, and while seasoned woodworkers might scoff at those who use plans rather than building from scratch, I would like to point out that the whole point of a woodworking project is generally to have a good time as much as to build something one can be proud to call one’s own handiwork. Let’s face it folks, sitting there with a confused expression on your face staring at a huge pile of wood, trying to figure out where to start doesn’t make for a fun time in the sun, right? So, there’s something to be said for ready-made plans, if only because they provide a roadmap to help you stay on track, and keep you from getting lost in the clutter of the work-site.

Now, as for personalizing a project made from a pre-made plan, that’s easy. All the plan is, after all (as earlier mentioned), is a roadmap to your woodworking destination of choice. The specifics of how you go about getting to that destination is still entirely up to you, as is what you do with the finished project once you’ve got it done to your satisfaction.

Source by David Christopher Moran

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