How "Easy" Are Easy Woodworking Plans?

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Easy woodworking plans are advertised everywhere, and if you're looking for woodworking projects ideas that are suitable for an amateur carpenter like yourself, that looks like a godsend. But as you look through these plans, you'll find that "easy" means a lot of different things to different people when it comes to woodwork plans.

This is not usually a case of intentional misrepresentation; after all, "easy" is a relative term. A plan that requires only a few power tools and not a complete woodworking shop may qualify as "easy" to someone who carpentry project plans are usually more ambitious. But if you are searching furniture woodworking projects for a simple set of shelves that you can manage with no more than a hammer, nails, some wood glue, and possibly a handsaw and wallpaper, coming across the term 'miter saw' might be off- putting.

What's the best cure for the frustration of finding woodwork project plans that are over your head when you want something simple? We recommend finding a few great woodworking websites that have collections of plans listed by ability or skill level. While "beginner" on one site might be close to "intermediate" on another, once you've become familiar with the ability ratings on each site, you'll have a good feel for which ratings are within your own scope.

Even after you've found a couple of good sites for carpentry project plans to bookmark, you'll still want to carefully select the plans for furniture and other woodworking projects that you decide to start. Read through the entire plan carefully first, being certain that you understand each step. Step by step woodworking projects are only helpful when you comprehend the steps! Another great thing about established woodworking resource sites is that many of them feature forums. If you do not understand part of the plan you'd like to do, you can always ask the community for clarification.

Make sure you can easily obtain the materials and equipment you need. If there's a new piece of equipment you'll have to buy to complete, do some research before investing. Do not just research the best brand or model to buy, either. Take a look at what other furniture plans wood working projects use that piece of equipment. It's a good investment only if you'll be able to use it again, after all. If it's not something you'll use again, find out if you can borrow it from someone. Some hardware stores (usually independent stores) will even let you rent certain pieces of equipment.

Do not get discouraged if you're a beginning woodworker and everything you find at first seems difficult. Once you get accustomed to searching and have found some good references and resources, you can find projects tailor to your skills. Before you know it, you will not be a beginner anymore!

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