Woodworkers Plans For Free – Really?

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From One Woodworker To Another
A woodworker can spend a lot of time surfing the Internet looking for a quality list of plans for projects around the house. There are countless websites out there offering woodworkers plans. I have found that the most difficult part is finding plans that provide step by step detail. I think whoever puts the plan together makes assumptions that do not always translate to the viewer.

Plans On The Web
Thanks to the Internet you can now find plans in all sorts of formats to fit your style of learning. Whether using CD's, downloading printed text, or PDF's or through video, you are sure to have your needs met searching for woodworkers plans.

Free Woodworkers Plans
I have been in the trades for over 25 years and have built my fair share of woodworking projects. While there are some good free resources for woodworking plans Online it has been my experience that if you are not well versed in the field of woodworking you may find it difficult understanding the terms talked about on the plans. Also getting the most out of your tools is often skipped over.

Free To a Point
I noticed that when visiting a lot of the "free" sites you get a nice overview of the project but in order to get a well defined step by step process it is recommended that you purchase a complete set of woodworkers plans. Again these sites offer some good over all descriptions but lack in the details. So absolutely it's not really free.

Spend a Little Get a Lot
If you are serious about getting quality instruction as well as getting a large list of woodworkers plans complete with step by step guidance, be willing to spend a little money. There are excellent packages for under $ 50. The savings in frustration will more than make up for the cost

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