Woodworking Project Ideas: The Perfect Finish

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No matter how carefully you follow each step of your step by step woodworking projects, your finished woodworking piece will not really reach its potential unless you give it a beautiful, appropriate finish.

What is "Finishing"?

The finish is the paint, stain, lacquer, shellac, or other coating or painting you apply to your carpentry project once the building and sanding are completed. There are thousands of products you can choose from to finish the results of your woodworking project plans. For those just beginning the woodworking hobby, there's more good news. These products have been improving exponentially over the past few years, as more effective chemical compounds are utilized to get beautiful, professional results with less labor. You'll still find, however, that patient and thoughtful application (and sometimes some elbow grease) will go a long way to improve your final woodworking piece.

Types of Wood Finishes

Not only are there many brands of products, there are also many different types of finishes altogether. Types of finish vary by appearance and by function. Most stains are semi transparent, allowing the grain of the wood to remain visible, while tinting the wood in a desired color. Paint, on the other hand, is opaque, and usually hides the grain of the wood almost entirely. Lacquers, enamels, and shellacs are typically used as a top coat over paint or stain, but can be used exclusively for a different effect.

Choosing a Wood Finish

Choosing a wood finish for your completed carpentry project plans is a process. There are a few things you need to consider to choose the best finish for your furniture woodworking projects. The first thing you should consider is the purpose of the finished woodworking project. Will it be touched or handled a lot? Then you'll want to choose a type of finish that can withstanding handling. Will it be placed in a high traffic area? A top coat that will not chip or scratch easily is recommended in that case. The second thing you should consider is the appearance. If you've completed woodworking plans for bedroom furniture, and you want the new woodworking project to match your existing furniture, you'll have to obtain matching stains or paint. The best way to do this is to take a sample of the color with you to the hardware store.
Additionally, you'll need to consider the overall environment the piece will be displayed in. A woodworking project that is intended for the outdoors, like a bench, will require a different sort of finish than an indoor woodwork project like a rocking chair.

Researching your completed carpentry project's finish and applying it carefully will result in a beautiful piece that will remain beautiful for years to come.

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