My Woodworking Projects: How I Choose Projects That Produce Results

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I'm not a professional. I'm not even an expert. But when I have guests, someone always admires a shelf or end table or other woodworking project I have on display in my home. They do not know they're my woodworking projects; they're just complimenting the furniture itself. It gives me such a sense of satisfaction to know that my own woodworking projects are not only presentable, but appealing. I owe my own woodworking success to good research, careful planning, and patience. First and foremost, though, I try to choose carpentry project plans that suit my skill level and equipment.

Naturally, as a beginner, I've had to invest in some basic woodworking tools, and as I become more experienced and progress in my woodworking knowledge, I've gotten more equipment. But I started with very basic supplies and when I select new woodwork plans, I look carefully at the necessary tools and materials to complete the project. Because my woodworking projects have become something of a hobby for me, I do not mind investing in a new tool if I know it will be of service on future woodworking furniture projects.

I also take a close look at the materials required. If the woodworking project plans are well within my abilities, I will splurge on nicer materials. But if the plans for furniture in question are a little on the challenging side, I'll select a project that calls for less expensive materials in case I make a mistake. Also, I'll research the furniture plans wood itself. Certain woods, like oak, are harder to work with because they are literally harder. I like to be certain that the tools I already have will be up to the challenge. Some woods are really too difficult to sand by hand; others are easy to get silky smooth with nothing more than sandpaper.

Other things I consider are the time and space needed. If it's a challenging project for me, I give myself some leeway with my woodworking plans. I know that new skills take a while to master, so I may need extra time. Since I do not have a dedicated woodworking shop yet, I restrict working on large projects to weekends when I can dedicate enough room to work comfortably and take my time.

My woodworking plans are carefully chosen so that I can enjoy my new hobby to the fullest. There are many things I love about woodworking, and I do not want to get overwhelmed or frustrated. The challenge and satisfaction I get from well chosen carpentry project plans and excellent results is worth a little extra time, patience, and planning. Those I know who have tried woodworking and did not like it seem to have chosen furniture woodworking projects that were over their heads. Start with the basics, though, and you'll be working on advanced woodwork project plans in no time!

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