Tips For the Beginner Woodworker

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We certainly want to make sure that number one on the list of tips for the beginner woodworker is safety and taking every precaution while using potentially dangerous machinery.

Probably one of the most important rules for any type of woodworking is to make sure and measure twice, cut once. Obviously you only want to cut once because you will be wasting materials an time if you are making incorrect cuts for your projects. This is why we always refer to the old carpenters rule of always measure twice.

Equally important is to have a proper set of plans or designs for the project you are trying to put together. Only the most experienced of craftsmen would venture into a project without proper plans to make sure you have everything you need on hand.

The time spent trying to correct things when you decided to just "wing it" will frustrate any new beginner to move on to a new hobby. Beginners may also want to start their future on woodworking on a lower skill level project such as a bird cage to get a feel for all the tools you will be using in your work shop. Trying to tackle something like a new dining room set may prove a bit daunting as a first project.

This is not to say a beginner could not take on more challenging projects but you must understand many of these things are projects that take skilled woodworkers many years to be able to create.

With the simple ability to understand measurements and read a measuring tape pretty much anyone can create anything you like out of wood given a proper set of instructions.

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