Some Safety Tips for Woodworkers

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Today in our industrial age we can’t imagine our life without machines that make our work easier and more comfortable. There are maybe only few fields of human activity where all work produces by own hands. The area of woodworking is not one of them. Every day a woodworker faces with the work on different power tools.

All power tools can be quite dangerous if the manufactures safety instructions are not followed carefully. Let’s speak about some basic safety instructions that can be applied for any power tool.

Safety Work Area

– Keep your workplace well lit and clean. Accidents can be invited by dark areas and cluttered benches.

– Avoid working with tools in explosives atmosphere, near dust, gas or flammable liquids. During the work tools can crate sparks, which may ignite dust or filings.

– Always keep children and bystanders away when you are working with tools. You need to keep all attention on the working process.

Personal Safety

Make your own new rule of following a good safety practice in all your activities, especially when you are working with any type of power tools.

– Before starting the work always read and understand the tool operator’s manual and instructions packed with your tool.

– Never use any power tools when you are tired or under the influence of medication, alcohol, or drugs.

– Choose your working dress wisely. Never wear gloves, loose clothing and jewelry for a work. Contain your long hair, if you have some. Long hair, jewelry, gloves or loose clothing can be caught in the moving parts of your machine.

– Make sure that handles are clean, dry and free from any oil.

– Before plugging your machine in or inserting a battery pack be sure it’s power switch is OFF. Remember not to carry tools with your finger on switch.

– Always remote batteries or unplug tool before changing the accessories.

Do Your Job Safety

– Don’t use the power tool accessories for works that they are not suited to.

– Don’t force the tool. Use only right tool for the work. It will make your work faster and more comfortable.

– Try to use only accessories that are recommended by your power tool manufacture. Remember, that may be suitable for one tool may become hazardous when used on another tool.

– Never try to touch the blade, drill bit or cutter of the workpiece immediately after operation. This part can be hot and may you burn.

– Many manufactures a dust-moving systems to their power tools (as on a radial arm saw ). If your power tool has such a system – don’t forget to use it. It should be used to reduce the risk of dust-related hazards.

It all for now. I hope that this article will help to make your work more safe and comfortable.

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