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Why You Want A Router Table In Your Woodworking Shop

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Everyone that is interested in woodworking wants to make something that makes others say ‘wow”

A router table adds a new dimension to your woodworking because of its amazing versatility. For such a simple concept, a spinning blade, the router table has so many different profiles.

I have always said that when you put your project on the router table it is wood, when you take it off, its furniture.

Here are the top reasons why you want a router table in your shop.

· Amazing versatility

· Versatile edge profiles

· Template following capabilities

· Dado and groove cutting

· Raised panel doors construction

· Precision joinery

· Rounding over wood

· Tables available in Large and bench top sizes

· Tons of accessories are available

· Router bits are available for almost anything

· You can make your own router table, but not your own table saw!

Just think, if you bought a 50-piece router bit set and brought it home, you could literally do 50 different types of cutting. That’s like getting 50 different machines in your shop.

Here are some cool things you can do with “unique” router bits

· Glue Joints

· Mortising

· Lock Mitres (for strong joints)

· Architectural moldings

· Stile and Rail joinery

· Box joints

· Panel raising

· Tongue and groove joints

· Finger joints

· Laminate trimming

· Face framing bits

· Dovetail joinery

· Sign making

· Rabbets

· Biscuit joining

· Slot cutting

· Round overs

· Fluting

· Multi beading

· Picture hanging bits

· Mullion cutters

One of the better aspects of routing on a router table is the ability to attach a dust collector to your router fence. I personally like a portable dust collector that is dedicated to my router table. If you can split the dust hose using a “T” you can collect dust at the router fence and again at the bottom of the table. This keeps your shop clean and organized.

There are so many accessories out there, it can boggle the mind. You can find almost anything for the most demanding project. With so many accessories available, I find it valuable to have a router table cabinet with drawers. Under the table portion of the cabinet is open so the router can breathe. Underneath I like having two drawers that keep all my router table items in one place. I could never keep all the little knobs, allen wrenches, collet wrenches and speed controls, to name a few, all organized. Imagine how easy it is with a couple of drawers to help you keep it all together.

So how do you learn more about your router table? You read, read and read some more. Thanks to the Internet, there is so much out there (for free) that you can learn. Hopefully this article has inspired you to go out and buy a router table and make something amazing.

If this article has inspired you, you may want to learn more about what type of router to purchase when you set up your router table. There are a lot of choices out there and the Internet can either help you or confuse you. I will be posting another article on this very subject.

Source by Ken Schulte

Woodworking at Home – What Does it Mean to You?

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Spring is approaching and it's time for me to get started woodworking at home. If you are reading this article, you probably think I am going to explain to you the ins and outs of woodworking. While there are a lot of these, and they are important, I believe the single most important ingredient is me. I am what makes my experience with woodworking great. More specifically, it is the attitude I take that makes it a pleasurable experience for me. So as you read, and I show you what woodworking is to me, ask yourself: "What does woodworking mean to me?"

Woodworking at home is escape. Even though some of the tools used for woodworking can be a bit loud, it does not matter to me. I am able to let my woodworking envelope me and take me out of the world for a little bit. Do not you deserve a little bit of "me" time? I know I do.

Woodworking at home is about pride and accomplishment. If you run into the obstacles of limited time and money, do not let that stop you! Be proud of any action you take, because there is always room for improvement and growth. Whether it be a small two hour project or something that spans weeks or months, when I finish I feel a sense of accomplishment completing what I have set out to do. You can create anything you put your mind to, so be proud of your accomplishes.

Woodworking at home is gratitude. Sometimes when things are going my way in the shop, I feel a tremendous gratitude for the skill I have been able to learn. I try not to take this for granted. I realize that some people in the world do not have the opportunities to have a hobby. Others are not physically able to do woodworking. It's when I ponder these things that I am really thankful.

And yes, sometimes woodworking can be aggravation. Sometimes things just do not work out the way I think they should. At that point, it's time for me to step back and take a breath; or perhaps it's time to take a break. When I leave the shop for a bit I can come back and start again, and everything works out. I've learned to be more open minded when it comes to woodworking. I try to think outside of the box. While there is actually little room for error, there is tons of room for imagination.

So, I've given you a glimpse of what woodworking at home is to me. It can be any number of things you want it to be too. So, take a moment, think about what it means to you, and go build something!

Source by Robert McGee

Creating Magic With Table Woodworking Plans

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One of the easiest items to craft in any woodworking shop is the table, and in today's discussion we are going to discuss the basic steps for crafting your very own utility table from only some plain wood, and a bit of your own personal ingenuity.

The first thing that you have to do is create the base of the table. The base is the most complex frame in the entire assembly. The base requires two long sides, two shorts sides, and three stringers.

The stringers actually support the entire frame, and will allow you to place stuff on top of the table. Make sure that there is even spacing through when you install the stringers.

A butt-joint assembly is required for the base of the table. After assembling the base, check to see if you have achieved a stable square shape. Next, attach the legs of the table. Cut the legs evenly, and use a square to make sure that you have attached the pieces correctly.

Use a little wood glue to seal the narrow spaces found between the legs and the base of the table. If the legs of your table are made from reliably thin wood, do not use screws, as screws have been known to crack wood.

You do not want the wood on the legs to crack (even a little bit), because that will weaken the entire structure and, over time, those small cracks will require repairs (or complete replacement).

After gluing together the legs and the base of the table, it's time to attach the leg stringers.

So, you have stringers on the base of the table, and on the legs. The additional stringers may not look that attractive on the table, but if you are going to use the table in your woodworking area, you need to add that extra layer of stability.

You never know what you will be putting on utility tables: it could be tools, heavy pieces of wood, and so forth. Do not cut the leg stringers before measuring the distance between the legs.

Place the table upside down on the floor and start measuring. Measure the distance between the legs of the table. You will be attaching a total of four stringers. Two stringers will be connecting the legs that are close to each other (short side).

An additional two stringers will be connecting the legs on the long side. The stringers on the short side should be placed close to the ground (about five inches up) while the stringers on the long side should be placed on the midpoints of the legs.

So, if you have 34 inch legs on your table, the halfway mark would be on the 17th inch up from floor. For additional strength, you can add two more stringers on the short side of the table. Secure the second set of strings with small door hinges.

Use small screws to secure the stringers. The door hinges will act as brakers, and will further strengthen the strength of the table. And finally, measure the size of the base of the table from side to side, and cut some plywood. Nail the plywood and varnish (or paint).

Source by John A. Calvin

Simple Woodworking Ideas

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Simple woodworking ideas are for the person who does not have a lot of woodworking experience. The projects are easy to do. Simple woodworking will lead to more intricate projects one day, as everyone has to start somewhere. There are many websites devoted to ideas for the woodworker that wants a simple project. The projects are well described so you can follow them step by step. Everyone in the family can partake in the projects; make sure everyone uses safety precautions so no one gets injured in the process. Remember the ideas are limitless even for simple projects just be creative and take your time so the projects come out just right.

The kitchen is the first place where lots of simple projects can be done. The first idea is a holder for the paper towels. Another option is a simple shelf for books that are used in the kitchen. A table can be created for meal times for the family. One can make a holder for the sharps in the kitchen so they are stored in an organized manner. One can also make a refuse bin for the trash that is created in the kitchen. The last idea is a holder for bread and baked goods to keep them fresh longer and the kitchen once again more organized.

The bathroom is another place for simple projects. One can make simple shelves to store items away under the sink or shelves that are out in the open. These shelves will help organize your bathroom and make it welcoming.

Hallways can be a place for simple projects, as well. One can make a holder for coats and other outdoor wear. Another option is shelving like in the bathroom. This will help keep the hallways clutter free and where no one trips over items.

The living room is another area for projects. One can make shelves for the TV and other electronic devices. Keep in mind that this project can be complicated or easy depending on what site you are using as your guide and how intricate you want the shelves to be for your TV and other electronic devices. Other shelves can be put in the living room to store books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and many other things that you may use for your entertainment.

The bedroom can be a perfect place for woodworking projects. One can make shelves for the bedroom to store clothing, jewelry, and other bedroom related items. If you have a young infant you can make a diaper changing station in the infant's room. One can also make a shelf for a television so that they can enjoy entertainment before bed.

The simple woodworking ideas that can be found online are quite varied. There are multiple sites devoted to these projects and the sites are easy to use with step by step instructions to make the projects even easier. Even simple projects can take some time and still require caution as you will still be using sharp tools. Make sure you have the time and patience to do the project even if it is simple.

Source by Tim Y Edwards

When Architecture and Design Make Your Dream Home

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One of the most watched sectors in the woodworking industry is architectural woodworking. For the past few years, it has fast created its own market, usually composed of homes and high-end facilities like hotels.

But you may ask, "What created the need for architectural woodworking?" Well, it seems that this kind of art has been a symbol of long-reflecting impression to the kind of commitment the owner has for quality. Every architectural woodwork plan has become an enduring element of elegance, beauty, and timelessness. Therefore, you can conclude that only the best kinds of materials are used, designs are well thought of, and only the best architectural company or person was hired to do this complex task.

This article focuses on the different architectural woodworking plans you can do for your home. There are many styles to choose from, and you can freely decide which best suits your needs and can bring out the uniqueness and overall feel of your house.

Georgian homes are rather looking. It is reminiscent of the period of classical revival in England, which happened before the sunset of the American Revolution. These types are usually made of brick. In the colonies, there is a shortage of such material, and so most Georgian homes are built of wood. A more common feature includes two-story English-style freestanding columns that serve as support for a triangular pediment. In America, these pillows, often are referred to as pilots, and are connected to the building. In order to maintain its classicism, you may need to conduct periodic maintenance and repair. The first area you need to check is the pediment. Make sure that all the three sides of the triangle are not exhibiting any signs of deterioration such as rotting. If bird nests are present, it is ideal that you remove them as birdlime will speed up wood rot.

Most mansions built today are influenced by Greek architecture. Unlike the courthouses constructed in 1800s, where columns are made of bricks, these houses have wooden pillows. The good thing about this is you can create your own column designs to add a more grandiose look. However, since they are seldom solid, they easily deteriorate. Should you encounter this problem, the best solution is to replace them or apply some preservation methods.

If you feel like living in a sort-of castle, perhaps you can consider building your own Tudor home. The towers and parapets that are the roof, and their huge timber beams that cross some broad regions of brick stimulate the idea of ​​a fairy tale. They are usually added, however, not as a support structure but as exterior design.

Source by Sarah Miller

Woodworking Projects – For Beginners

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There was a time when working with woods was considered a waste of time. Well, that trend has surely subsided with contemporary interior designing commanding a very stiff price. If you have the right skills then you can surely make a career out of your skills but as they say “nothing comes easy”. Woodworking is no different. Carpentry requires an immense amount of concentration and oodles of wood working skills for a project to be completed. However, if you are serious about making a career out of home building then the internet can aid you to help polish your trade, and give you ideas on tons of woodworking projects that are currently up for grabs.

As a beginner, it’s always best to know the basics of the trade inside and out before jumping into such a vast space of opportunities. The virtual world is home to some of the best woodworking tutorials along with precise instructions on what tools are best to use.

Even if you have the skills to learn woodworking tricks pretty fast, basic skills need to be polished slowly in order for them to be harnessed when you eventually get to an advanced stage. However, not all online tutorials can be easy to comprehend. This is where your judgmental skills come into play. Always remember, “Nothing comes free”. The best carpentry tutorial sites predominantly offer their services as a paid feature.

Although learning woodworking skills is just half the job, building quality woodworking projects is not that tricky provided you have the correct information.

When working on big projects such as decoration of hallways or room furnishings. It’s always best to finalize your woodworking plans with an online carpentry expert. Some sites even offer you to upload your private woodworking projects which will be further scrutinized and then given back to you with the required corrections being made. However, most opt to download DIY woodworking projects as they usually are relatively cheap to acquire.

If you use downloaded DIY woodworking projects it can help you gain the knowledge and also gives you something to look at. Any of these reputable sites will have a great blueprint and instructions of how to step by step build your project, therefore saving you a ton of time and way less frustration.

Source by Tim Bonderud

Gun Cabinet Woodworking Plans

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You have decided that you want to take on the task of building your own gun cabinet. You do not want to hire someone to build it, you think you can do it yourself. You ask, can I draw a set of woodworking plans for a gun cabinet?

You are motivated and inspired to create something that you can be proud of and that people will see and comment on for years to come. You are psyched and you think you are ready to begin. You may or may not have the necessary tools to get the job done. Then you realize that you do not really know where to begin. Do you have the necessary tools? Can you create a plan or blueprint that you can follow along with step by step?

Here is how you can eliminate your confusion and get the project started:

* You can acquire a kit that is already pieced out with all the hardware included. You can look around to see if there are do it yourself kits that you can piece together; they usually come with hardware and instructions for assembly.

* You can get help from a professional carpenter. If you have a friend or know someone that is a carpenter, maybe you could ask them for some advice on how to get started.

* You can go to a bookstore and purchase a book on carpentry. I am sure there are many books on the subject of building cabinets and woodworking. How much research are you going to have to do before you find the right book?

* You can search the internet for woodworking plans and ideas. There are a lot of woodworking plans and advice out there on the internet. You can find plans on just about anything made from wood.

* You can get a complete set of woodworking plans for any project. I have found a complete set of woodworking plans that contains blueprints for any project that you may want to build at home. Over 14,000 woodworking plans with step-by-step instructions, photos, and diagrams to make every project easy.

Source by Clinton Lango

Good Clamping Practices

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A clamp is a strap device to keep or secure objects tightly at once to prevent movement or separation through the attention of inward pressure.

Usually used in Europe, North America & South America, the stretch cramp is often used as an alternative what time the tool is pro temporary spend pro positioning components in construction and woodworking; like so a G cramp or a sash cramp but a helmet clamp or a surgical clamp.

There are many types of clamps vacant pro many distinct purposes. Some are temporary, as used to post components while fixing them at once, others are intended to be undying. Participating in the ground of inborn husbandry, using a clamp to fix an inborn to a stationary object is famous as "rounded clamping." A real clamp of this type is additionally used to refer to an murky investment banking stretch; notably "fund clamps." Anything which fulfills the accomplishment of clamping might be called a clamp, so this gives come out of to a varied variety of conditions across many fields. These are a number of of the more widespread ones:

– Band clamp or mesh clamp
– Bar clamp F-clamp or sliding clamp
– Bench clamp
– Cardellini clamp
– C-clamp
– Flooring cramp
– Gripe
– Handscrew
– Kant-Twist clamp
– Magnetic clamp
– Miter clamp
– Pipe clamp
– Sash clamp
– Set screw
– Speed ​​clamp
– Toggle clamp
– Toolmakers' clamp

There are many different types of clamps out there that can be used for a variety of things!

Source by Kevin Budzynski

Get Quality Furniture Woodworking Plans

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To build your own wooden furniture, you need high quality furniture woodworking plans. Wooden furniture plans spell out exactly how you are to proceed with making your own furniture. If you build your own wooden furniture, you get some very true advantages over just buying pre-made furniture.

The advantages include:

  • Money saved. Even after you buy the wood and the tools and even consider your electric bill for making your own wooden furniture, you will save reasonable amounts of money over what you would have to pay for other people's work.
  • Personal satisfaction. When you purchase high quality furniture woodworking plans and follow them, you get to give yourself a sense of personal satisfaction that you would never have if you did not build your own furniture.
  • Perfect customization. Even though you'll be using others' furniture woodworking plans, you can still make things the way you want them to be. You can substitute one type of wood for another, you can choose whether to paint or stain, you can alter the dimensions (if you're advanced enough), and so on.

Now, what should you be concerned with when you do your search for wooden furniture plans?

  • Safety before all. This is not actually part of furniture woodworking plans, but it's something that you have to be aware of for yourself. You'll likely be using power tools and you never use them for woodworking without wearing your safety goggles in case wood chips go flying.
  • The plans must spell out everything clearly. The last thing you need is confusing or inaccurate plans. For this reason, you should expect to pay for high quality furniture woodworking plans. If you try to find nothing but free wooden furniture plans, you'll very likely end up with low quality. This may not happen, but the risk of it happening is great. You need plans that are easy and clear to read and follow and accurately drawn and labeled.
  • Read the plans through so that you get all of the tools that you need in advance. It should be, once again, easy for you to discern the tools that you'll be needing from the plans. Good plans typically tell you all of the tools that you'll need anyway. You do not want to get involved in a project to build wooden furniture only to find that you do not have all of the right tools.
  • Get plans that will enable you to build the wooden furniture that you want. Hey, this is all about you! You are not going to Ikea. You are making something for yourself, and you have every right to let yourself find the perfect furniture woodworking plans. Do not set for other than what you really want.

Follow these guide posts to getting the best wooden furniture plans.

Source by Andrew W Harris

Beginning Woodworking Projects For Your Kids

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Woodworking will be great fun for any children in the world and also can stimulate and encourage their own creativity. Some people might think that it is a difficult job and the children will not be able to do it. However, it all depends upon what is being made. For example, most kids can do only some simple woodworking projects, which are of their capacity, while on the other hand, older children can make complex things. Thus, woodworking projects for kids are depends on their age groups.

The best thing to make the kids love in woodworking is to get some involvement from their parents. Parents should encourage them to give some ideas and help the kids in deciding which project to choose. Kids normally will wish to make something big. This may be well out of their capacity. However, the project that is selected should be attractive enough to the kids and even then; it should be simple and practical for them, so they actually finish it.

The most common and popular woodworking projects for kids are small furniture toys such as tables, chairs, beds, doll houses, tic-tac-toe, etc. Those projects will involve some creativity and the kids will like them the most.

The woodworking projects should not involve the use of the woodworking power tools like Jig Saw, Hand Drill or Router machine. The basic woodworking hand tools should be enough. Moreover cutting and other processing activities that may need strength and so the kids will not be able to do it by them self. Therefore, parents should guide and lend their hand to the kids during such activities.

The wood working projects for kids are the things that give kids a sense of pride, making something by their own hands. These things can be kept in their rooms or any part of the house as decorative pieces.

However, before doing the woodworking activities, parents should ensure that all safety related applied inside their workshop. This is to ensure that the kids can work safely without any accident. A basic knowledge on how to setup a workplace is also quite important.

Source by Mohd Syafawi Che Aluwai

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