Working With Small Woodworking Projects

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Small woodworking projects are highly enjoyed by many people. Elders in retirement to young children just starting out all can benefit from woodworking. The finished product brings a great deal of satisfaction and the feeling of a great accomplishment. What are some of the small woodworking projects?

-picture frames


-doll houses

-foot stools


-jewelry boxes

-bird nests

-bird houses

-You name it …

These are just a very few off the top of my head. There are a countless number of projects that can be made! What can make working on small woodworking projects fun and enjoyable is good proper planning and information. You can search all over the internet and find complete plans with details of materials and diagrams often times with step by step instructions. However, there is some information out there that lack lacks complete and accurate info. Without complete and clear cut plans, you may find yourself getting frustrated and it may even start taking the fun and enjoyment out of the whole small woodworking projects you have started. It is very important that the plans you do get are of high quality and complete with blue prints and material lists.

BASIC SAFETY points to remember are:

-First and foremost, always follow all safety instructions on the tools you are using and follow the safety precautions on the small woodworking projects you are following.

-Wear proper eye protection

-Wear dust mask if required.

-Never reach over a blade.

-Never leave a power tool on unattended.

-Do not try to adjust a power tool while it is on.

-When plugging a tool in, always check to make sure it is in the "off" position.

-Try and keep a clean area to work in. It is a good idea to clean as you go.

-Keep your mind on the job at hand and do not get distracted.

-It is best to only use sharp cutting tools to make clean cuts.

So as you journey through small woodworking projects, keep safety as a top priority. Have a good plan in place with all of your schematics and all the materials that your plans calls for handy. Make sure all of the relevant tools have been inspected, sharp and clean, and readily available. Take your time and enjoy your creative small woodworking projects. It is nice to step back and look at the progress as you go. With a little pride and dedication, your projects will be professional with a personal touch of your own.

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