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Computer processing has come a long way over the years, whereas you had to stop one application in order to run another, or running different applications at the same time slowed down performance, now seems a very distant past.

However if you're like me you will want your computer to be able to multitask as efficiently as you do, and yes that means at the same time as doing my studies and playing the latest game.

Well, l've recently noticed that AMD has brought out a new 9000 series processor called Phenom that appears to do just that. The new series has been designed to ensure that previous slow response has been replaced with the ability to be run several applications to their full capabilities without a loss in performance.

This means that even if you're running processor hungry games, and you do not want to stop to carry out other important work, you will still be able to have all your business applications such as word, excel and the internet running at the same time in the back ground with no jitter or loss in performance.

In addition to very fast processing speeds, the new AMD 9000 series also comes with a feature called cool 'n' quiet which it meant to reduce noise and heat, thereby avoiding any unnecessary background fan noises, while you concentrate on that all important game.

Now that you know what processor to be looking for, you will need all the other necessary equipment to complete your home multimedia or computer system. We know that spending time going from one site to another can be time consuming, so we have done it for you.

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