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I would like to explain to you why you should consider jet power tools and equipment when looking at purchasing woodworking equipment for the first time or upgrading your current workshop. Jet woodworking equipment are built better to build better. They are precision made using only the best materials right through there complete range of products, which is backed up by the WMH tool group.

I have owned and operated jets pro shop table saw, jointer / planer and there 2 hp dust collector, and I found them to be reliable and most important very safe to operate. Adjusting blade height / angle, table wings etc is precise, quick and easy. You will find that there will be very little wear on the adjustment guides as you use your equipment over the years, which will insure that your equipment will always be capable of producing quality work.

Jet has a training video series known as the shop class series. And interactive videos for you to view and these videos will demonstrate the quality woodworking and metalworking equipment jet produces.

Jet woodworking machinery is well balanced and will not jump around your workshop like cheap other brands, which is not only dangerous but also with badly balanced equipment your end product which you are making will not be that prefect piece you had plan to build.

Quality woodworking tools by jet which were established back in 1958 are used by thousands of craftsman around the world due to there quality and reliability, which insures that you will produce high quality end results in your project.

Source by Gary Mclean

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