Carpentry Art!

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The great thing about art is that it can be a collaborative effort. Do not just watch your child and their friends have fun. Get in there. Get your hands dirty!

Ready? Let's see … we are going to need a piece of plywood (2 ft x 3 ft should do it), a variety of wood scraps, wood glue, starter nails, canning jar lids (frozen juice can lids will also work) clean (and empty) soup cans, yarn, two cups of flour, 4 cups hot water and sawdust. And maybe some paint.

Ahh, now you're curious, are not you?

Well, here we go!

Carpentry Collage

This first one is easy-peasy. Set out the 2 x 3 piece of plywood and the wood scraps. Did your child set up their work space and workbench? Okay, good. Have them nail or glue the scraps to the plywood to make a collage. Decorate to taste. Have them clean up. Done.


Junior Tinsmith

This requires a teensy bit of prep work on your part. On either the cannning lids or frozen juice can lids, draw dotted outlines of simple shapes: triangles, squares, stars, you get the idea. Place the lids on wood barriers and show your child how to lightly nail through each dot to create a see-through hole. Once they can see through where all the dots used to be, voila! Design complete. Now all you need to do is punch a hole in the top of each lid and tie a loop of yarn for hanging. As a reminder, make sure they are hammering on a wood block and not directly onto the workbench. We're forming habits, remember? Let's make them good ones.

This one is always a favorite. Oh, I forgot. You'll need some twine or string for this one. Oops. Anywhere, take two of your cleaned empty soup cans (chicken noodle is my favorite!) And place them with the open end down on the workbench. You can draw a dot in the middle of the lid, if you want. Have your child create a see-through hole – – just one.

Do the same with the other can. Help them string the twine through the hole and make a knot, big enough so that it will not come out. Make the twine as long as you want before doing the same with the other can. Know what you have? Instant tin-can telephone!

Sawdust Clay

Sounds crazy, right? Well, you cooks will love this one because it will require some time and preparation to do it right. You (not your child) should combine the two cups of flour and four cups of hot water and mix until thick and clear. Now, stir in fine sawdust (see what I mean about the preparation?) Until until mixture resembles modeling clay. Have your child create sculptures with the clay. Leave the sculptures to dry and harden. Once hardened, your child can sand and paint to their liking. Once you have enough sculptures, be ready to host an art opening!

These art projects are great for one or more than one. After your child has made some art and is ready to share their new-found passion, have them invite a friend or two over to join the fun. Keep it supervised and systematically so everyone can enjoy making art. Like I said, do not just watch your child and their friends have fun. Get in there. Get your hands dirty!

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